Three Strategies for the Perfect Call to Action

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You’ve done a great job getting visitors to your site! If they clicked a link somewhere that led them to your website or landing page, they did so because you convinced them you have something they want. Wouldn’t it be a terrible shame if they left without taking action because they weren’t sure what action to take. That’s why I say your call it action is possibly the single most important element on the page.

So how do you get those visitors to do what you want? Here are three simple but important strategies you’ll want to implement.

Design It Well

Remember the Three C’s of designing your call to action. They are

  • Contrast
    Make it stand out by making it a different (or contrasting) color than the other colors on your page. You can even design it to change colors when the mouse hovers or rolls across it! Also make it bigger than the other icons on the page (because yeah, sometimes size DOES matter).
  • Clickability
    Make it look like a damn button. If you want people to push it, make it look like something that should be pushed. Give it some sort of a 3D appearance that makes it stand out from the other design elements on the page.
  • Content
    The words on your call to action button should tell the visitor what will happen when they push that button. Use phrases like “Get Instant Access Now,” or “Download Your Free Ebook,” or “Get Your Discount Here.” Avoid words like “Submit” or “Click Here.”

Direct the Eye

It’s not enough anymore just to have a beautiful website, with fresh content and killer SEO. You have to recognize that today’s internet user is busy. They have a lot going on and a lot of decisions to make. They have already decided to come to your website or landing page. Don’t make it difficult for them to find your call to action.

Directional cues are a great way to direct the eye to your call to action. You can do this with directional arrows, images that lead the eye where to look, and even people who are pointing at your call to action. Take advantage of this simple, yet highly effective strategy.

Give it Prime Real Estate

If you want people to see your call to action, it has to be easy to see. It doesn’t get more basic than that. Place it above the fold and surround it with white space.

Don’t lose your call to action in a sea of cluttered content. Give it some real estate, free from too much content, too much clutter, and too much conversation. In the words of Elvis Presley, “A little less conversation, a little more action please.”


Your call to action is arguably the single most important element to a landing page. Design it well, give it the real estate it needs to stand out, and direct your visitors to it well and you’ll receive the reward you deserve for being so brilliant.

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