Five Key Ways to Turn Your Landing Page Into A Money Maker

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Are you getting lots of traffic to your website, but that traffic isn’t converting to sales? Is your bounce rate outperforming your buy rate? If that’s the case, then you need to take a close and critical look at your landing page. There are five key elements your landing page must have if you want to turn your bouncers into buyers.

Five Key Ways to Turn Your Landing Page Into A Money Maker

1. Headline

Within three seconds, your landing page needs to answer this question, “How is this site going to help me?” Visitors to your landing page clicked a link because they have a problem, and they are hoping you have the solution. The headline needs to be clear and simple. No fluff, No jargon, No BS. It should address a felt need or heighten a common concern, just like we’ve done on our landing page below. Notice we don’t tell the reader what the five most costly mistakes are. We just ask them if they are making them (heighten a common concern). This almost guarantees they are going to download that checklist, because it’s the only way they’ll know for sure if they are making the five mistakes. (So sneaky.)

Landing Page Must Haves

2. Sub-Headline

Your sub-header is the promise to your buyer. While the headline addresses their need, the sub-header promises the solution (and people pay money for solutions). The two easiest ways to be sure your sub-headline is doing its job are:

·      If your headline asks a question, the sub-header should answer it (like we did in the landing page above).

·      If your headline is a bold statement, the sub-header should tell them how you’re going to accomplish that statement (like we did in the website banner below).

Landing Page Sub-Headline

3. The Benefits

This is the place to quickly and effectively tell them the benefits of what you are offering. We like to use bullet points, but this can just as effectively be done with icons and short descriptions.

We also like to address any hesitations the buyer may have. Notice here we assured them it was going to be quick, plain talk, and actionable steps they can take today?

4. Clear Call to Action

The call to action is just that. It tells potential buyers exactly what action to take. Your call to action might be any of the following:

·      Click a link

·      Get more information

·      Download a free offer

·      Sign up for a VIP Newsletter

·      Buy a product

Throughout your landing page, you should remind your visitor of what action you want them to take. (Notice how many times we say the word “checklist” on our landing page?) However, your call to action should be set visually set apart from everything else on the page and as simple as possible to accomplish. Don’t ask for a lot of information you don’t need. We recommend, name, email address and then the “action” button. Keep it that simple and get the results you want.

5. Above the Fold

And lastly, keep all of this information above the fold. We know this isn’t ground-breaking information. Everyone says it. Keep your primary information above the fold (that area on your page above where you have to scroll). And yes, you really can put all the information you need above the fold. Our entire landing page is above the fold. Have I said the words “above the fold” enough in this paragraph?

The Beef

If you have great traffic to your landing page, congratulations. You’re crushing it! But if your bounce rate is better than your buy rate, it’s time to make some changes. Focus on these five key areas to your landing page and you’ll start seeing your hard earned traffic become action takers and money makers.

Andrew Brockenbush

Andrew Brockenbush

CEO of Beefy Marketing & Host of the Business Growth Hacks Podcast

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