Your Target Market is the Key to Your Website Traffic

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Want to know how to increase traffic to your website or landing page? The answer is easy, yet it is the most overlooked step in business development. It’s knowing your target market. You have to know how to

  • Identify them
  • Discover where they are hiding
  • Get them to your site (upping your Google ranking in the process)

Identifying Your Target Market

When most people think about a target, they think about a concentric set of rings with a bullseye in the middle. That bullseye represents your perfect customer. The more you drill down into the mind of your customer, the more you will understand their wants and needs, and the better you will be able to meet them.

Begin by answering these three basic target market questions:

  • What is the age range of your “perfect” customer?
  • What is the gender of your perfect customer?
  • Why would they want or need your product or service?

Discovering Where Your Target Market is Hiding
Once you know who your target market is, it’s much easier to figure out where to find them! Take into consideration the answers to the questions above and make a list of the following:
· Where does this person hang out (online as well as in person)?
· What do they do for fun?
· Where do they shop?
· Who are their friends?

This is a goldmine of information that will help you understand what channels to use to reach them and how to communicate with them on those channels.

Drive them to your website
I heard a marketer once say, “People won’t pay a penny for a vitamin, but they’ll pay a fortune for a pain pill.” Your target market is looking for the product, service, or information that will solve their problem. The number one way to get people to your website is to give them what they need.

If you know who they are, and you know where they are, then you are two steps closer to understanding what their problem (pain) is and can offer them solutions they need.

The Beef

Understanding your target market is a very complex and vital marketing concept. We spend three whole days on target market development in our business course, Build A Better Business in 30 Days (just to give you an idea of how much more there is to learn about this topic). Begin with these basics we’ve shared with you today, and if you want to learn even more, then join us here.

Andrew Brockenbush

Andrew Brockenbush

CEO of Beefy Marketing & Host of the Business Growth Hacks Podcast

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