Why Your Siblings Have Everything To Do With Your Businesses Social Media Success

This past Sunday a more than usual amount of throwback photos and sibling love was spread across the internet. Perpetuated in part by Facebook’s prominent call to action stating “It’s #NationalSiblingsDay – post a photo of you & your siblings,”  #NationalSiblingsDay was a trending topic for 2 days and all your favorite bands, brands, and public persons joined in the fun! We hope you joined in the fun to share your favorite family photos but if you overlooked the silly celebration – here are 3 reasons your brand should have participated in #NationalSiblingsDay –

    1. Give a behind the scenes look – Behind the “machine” of the day to day of your business, there is a person driving the actual heart of the operation. Show the audience a human side – not just the brand side. Do you co-own a small business with your younger sibling? Post a photo from when you were 10 years old. Do you play a professional sport with your brother on an opposing team? Also a great photo op (we’re looking at you Peyton & Eli).Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 11.49.40 PM
    2. Take the opportunity to be funny. Both large and local brands shared in the moment to be funny – showing personality and making the audience laugh. There’s a reason the internet is full of cat memes – we want content that isn’t really content – it makes us laugh and reminds us of funny cat memes. Speaking of cat memes – even Grumpy Cat joined in the fun.Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 11.51.22 PM
    3. Join the conversation. The reality of the internet is that trending topics and virality are fleeting but important. Visibility counts. Have something to say and say it in a unique, smart, and quirky way to catch the audience’s attention.Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 11.32.00 PM

Pro tip: Celebrating #NationalSiblingsDay online is important, even for small businesses.

Follow up ideas:

  • April 15th is Tax Day. Find a good tax meme to share with your audience and share it with the hashtag #TaxDay
  • April 21st is National High Five Day. Respond to all comments only with the “high five” emoji OR make a quick Instagram video while high fiving your employees.



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