Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Have an Editorial Calendar

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If you run a business or a blog you are constantly coming up with content. You need content for your social media, your blog posts, your newsletters – you need content for everything! And let’s face it coming up with compelling content on a daily basis can become difficult, this is why we recommend creating a content calendar.

A content calendar is put into place to help you plan out your calendar for a number of days or months. This allows you to strategically plan out your posts and allows your entire team to know what is going to be posted and on what platforms ahead of time. It will keep your content organized and gives your team the freedom to schedule in advance when a pre-approved content calendar is in place.

Still not convinced? Here are our top 3 reasons for having a content calendar:

Huge Time Saver

Creating a content calendar, even a week in advance, will save you a ton of time each day and allows you to focus on your larger projects throughout the week. Avoid those last minute scrambles for you and your team! Pre-scheduled content allows for a much more streamlined and precise approach when it comes to delivering your message to the right audience at the right time.

Strategy, Strategy, Strategy

Putting a content calendar into place gives you the chance to create a proper strategy for your posts. It will work with your marketing calendar to promote special events, promotions or sales and allows you to better plan for content that will show you an increase in followers and customers.

Eliminates Impromptu Posting

A content calendar saves you from having to come up with content in a flash. It eliminates the need for quick impromptu posts that may not be as compelling as well-planned posts. And it gives you the opportunity to make your content seamless and cohesive across all platforms.

Planning out your content gives you opportunity to see what your posts are going to look like before they are published. It allows for your marketing plan to fit into your content schedule and to have both areas work together to create a integrated and effective content marketing strategy.

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