How to Generate More Leads with Your Traditional Marketing Campaigns

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Print ads. Billboards. Mailers. You feel like you’re doing everything you were taught to do to increase your leads but they’re just not coming in like they used to. And even though what you’re spending (and expending) on your marketing campaigns used to make sense to your budget, the approach simply isn’t adding up any more. You know that something needs to change in your strategy and it needs to change soon, but you’re also not ready to completely jump ship on your traditional marketing strategy.

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Wondering what your next move should be? Check out these next steps you can take to start generating more leads from your traditional marketing strategy:

  1. Add tracking URLs to your print ads. Part of generating more leads is using the data available to you to so that you can market your products more effectively to your audience. If your print ads only have your homepage URL listed, it’s hard to know if your homepage traffic is being driven by your ad, or if your visitors are coming in from somewhere else. So, instead, create specific URLs that are tailored to each campaign so you can know how your visitors are getting to you. If you want to take it one step further, you can use Google Analytics to set UTM parameters that use tags from your various campaigns to get an even better view of what’s going on. Check out Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder here:
  1. Have a unique landing page for each campaign. While you could hope that your homepage will suffice to draw in new customers, why not increase your odds by creating a unique landing page made for each campaign? If you’re going to go through the trouble to create the campaign in the first place, create a landing page that has a call to action created specifically for your campaign or promotion. This landing page should be simple, to the point, with a clear, one-click call to action that draws the visitors attention, making it simple for them to complete. Your URLs for these landing pages should be equally simple, especially if used in offline campaigns. By creating these unique landing pages you’re simplifying your audience’s experience, making it easier for them to engage with your business. 
  1. Track people that are visiting your offline campaigns. This one sounds trickier than it has to be. But, rather than hiring interns to stand at each billboard with a clicker to count the number of cars that go by, you could instead apply steps 1 and 2 to your offline campaigns. For example, if you’re paying for a billboard off the interstate, include a short, memorable (and trackable!) URL for drivers to look up later that will direct them to a landing page created with the same information and a call to action to buy a product or subscribe to a service. Or, say you’re thinking of doing a mailer featuring a discount or sale. Instead of printing a coupon for customers to use, feature a promo code on the mailer that can be used at checkout. Tracking the efficiency of your offline campaigns can help you identify and compare different approaches in your marketing strategy to find the campaigns that bring in the most leads.
  1. Add retargeting to follow up with people who visit your website. If you’re unfamiliar with retargeting, it’s what happens when you visit a site, check out a product, and then for the next few days/weeks/years, that product seems to follow you around in advertising spaces until you finally buy it. Though there are multiple kinds of retargeting methods, the most common method is called pixel-based retargeting. When a customer visits your site, their browser picks up a tracking cookie that then works with retargeting platforms (i.e. Google, Facebook, etc.) to show them ads based on the cookies they have. Retargeting is an effective way to continue marketing to a customer by recapturing interest started by other campaigns (like your print ads).

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