The Beef Podcast – Guest Nomination

The Beef Podcast

Do you have an incredible story or know of a small business owner who does? We would love to feature them in an upcoming episode of The Beef. Take a listen to the show below and read some of our commonly asked questions.


Commonly Asked Questions

Listeners of the show include small business owners, entrepreneurs, and primarily local residence looking to discover new small businesses in their own backyards. 

How did you get started? Talk me through it.

Which hurdles did you personally face and how did you overcome them?

If you could start over in business, would you change anything about how you did things?

We have a variety of guests and business on the show, so the specific topic isn’t as critical as the delivery.

Here are some recommendations based on emails I get from the audience:

Keep answers focused and conversational.
Be honest and authentic.
Get into the details.
Focus on sharing not selling.

Our team has all of the hardware and software handled. We do our interviews in person in our podcast studio. We find this to be a more personal experience so we can really cut loose and get to know each other.

There is absolutely no cost. The Beef Podcast is supported by generous sponsors who have a heart for small business owners.

Absolutely. We will start the interview with an introduction where you can plug your self. We can talk about your latest news and offers during the interview. At the end of the show, we will ask you to give people a way to connect with you and support your business. 

We will post links to your site in the show notes.

We will talk for about 5 to 10 minutes before the interview, and the interview itself will be around 45 minutes so I would budget a total of 1 hour for the appointment.

We will let you know when we plan to release the episode during the pre-interview and will send you an email the day your podcast goes live with a link to the podcast. Subscribers to the podcast will automatically download the episode.

We will send out a notice to our social media followers when the episode is released. If you can send out an email or post to your social media accounts as well, we will increase the reach of the interview. 

Consider offering a promotion or giveaway specific to listeners of the show.

Do you or someone you know have an awesome small business story?