How to Create a Social Brand That Benefits Your Small Business

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There are so many benefits to using social media marketing in today’s society. Social media is where the consumers are so you need to make sure that your business is there too.

When you create social media accounts for your business you will want to have a specific voice or brand. This way people will know the type of company that they’re interacting with.

There are several ways for you to determine your social brand before you even start posting on social media. If you already have created accounts and started posting content, then you can work to form a brand from that as well.

Keep reading for our top tips on how to create a social brand that benefits your small business.

Stay Consistent With Your Accounts

When it comes to social media marketing you will more than likely have more than one account so you’re going to want to stay consistent. This means that before you create your first account you should make sure to use the same handle or account name on all your social media accounts.

Using the same handle is a great way to define yourself in the social media world. If one person follows you from your Instagram account, then they can use your same handle to head over to Twitter and follow you there.

Another smart move to make to stay consistent is by having the same profile picture on all your social media accounts as well. This is also a great way for your followers and clients to become more familiar with you and your brand.

You should also make sure to realize that your brand’s logo may not look good across all platforms for a profile picture. Make sure that your profile photo looks good when it is either square or round because different social media sites use different shapes. You also may have to resize your logo or add more space above and below the logo.

Use Your Voice to Create an Interesting Bio

One important thing to realize when it comes to social media marketing is that you will need to be transparent with your followers and this is how you will create your voice. You want to use a voice that is true to your business and its values and shouldn’t ever lie to your followers or try to be something that you’re not.

When you create the voice for your brand you will want to decide who you’re trying to reach or rather who your target audience is. Ask yourself a few questions about who you want to follow you. How do they present themselves on social media? Are they more serious or do they joke around more?

Your target audience will be the people you want to follow you so shape your voice around what they would want to hear. This is also how you’re going to create a bio for your social media accounts.

Take the time to come up with something witty, serious, sarcastic, educational, or even a mixture of a few to describe your company in your bio. This voice is also the one that you will use to interact with your followers.

Make Visual Content

Along with focusing on your written social media voice, you will also need to decide what type of visual content you will want to post on your accounts. Visual content is very important as people tend to interact with it more than written content. This is a great way to get more traffic, exposure, and even followers to your social media account.

When it comes to your visual content you will want it to all be cohesive especially if you’re posting somewhere like Instagram. Try to create a theme for your photos that all flow together. Will your brand be bright and bold or will they post more minimalistic photos?

You can also use filters to help make your photos look more cohesive together. Change the colors, brightness, and even shadows so they all flow together.

Videos are also a huge part of social media marketing. Everyone with a smartphone can make a video that can be posted on Instagram or Facebook Stories. These are places where the content doesn’t have to be overly edited or professional.

Find Ways to Integrate Your Products

When it comes to your social media brand you are going to want to find clever ways to incorporate your products into your posts. Nobody likes a post that is outright advertising a product and these posts probably won’t get a lot of engagement.

Instead, find different and unique ways to include your products within your posts. If you’re making a video for YouTube, then find interesting ways that you can talk about your product. Do a product review or compare it to other products. Find something different about your product that will stand out among the rest.

When people follow your social media they do expect to learn new things about your products but don’t do it in a boring way. Think outside of the box when it comes to promotion on your social media.

Stick to a Schedule

Posting content regularly is the best way for your social brand to get noticed on social media. You can create a schedule whether it is two to three posts a day or even a more precise schedule down to the time you post.

Creating a schedule is also a great way for you to stay organized as well as consistent when it comes to posting on social media. You will know exactly when and how much content you should create before it even comes time to create your post.

Creating Your Social Brand

When it comes to creating your social brand you will want to make sure that you stay consistent across all your social media platforms. Start small and then work your way up from there.

Your social brand is the voice that you feel like your company would have if your company could talk. Make them funny, witty, smart, or even sometimes serious but make sure that it is authentic.

If you’re looking for help to stand out more on social media, then make sure to contact us for a free social media assessment. We can help bring your social media marketing to brand new heights.

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