6 Key Tips for Creating a Successful Marketing Plan for Social Media

Social media marketing is essential for every business, as a small business owner, a successful social media platform could bring you tons of new customers and boost your profits.

Trying to up your small business’ social media game? Keep reading for successful marketing strategies you can try this year to take your social media accounts to the next level.

1. Do Some Pre-Planning

Before you hit social, sit down and think about what you want to accomplish with your small business this year. Thinking about your overall company goals will help you more clearly integrate strategies into your social media platforms.

Write down your overall goals, and then make a new list of the goals you want to accomplish on your social media account.

Do you want more followers? Write down a goal of how many you wish to gain this year. Make sure your social media goals and marketing strategies are in line with your wishes for the entire business.

2. Distinguish Your Audience

Being familiar with your audience is a must in knowing how to reach them, and how to best communicate with them. Knowing your customer’s wants and needs will help you grasp your marketing and overall branding.

Need to learn more about your audience? Conduct surveys, and research your current demographics to get a feel for who your audience is so you can best serve them.

Knowing your customer will also help you figure out what social platforms you most need to focus on. If you’re conducting a customer survey, insert a question asking your customer what social media platform they use. Give an incentive for surveys, such as a discount on their next order, or entry into a raffle for a gift card to your shop.

3. Engage With Your Customer

So now you know your customer, but do you have a relationship with them on your social platforms? Interacting with your customers and social media audience is becoming more and more important.

Make sure you respond to all comments or questions posted to your page. Engaging with your audience makes the experience more personable, and your customers will be more likely to trust your brand.

If you really want to kickstart a conversation with your audience, make a post asking them a question. For example, you could ask your audience what they are wishing to see your company do in the next year, and ask what they need. This shows them they are an important factor in your small business. Showing that you care about the customer will make them care about what you have to say, and in turn, what you have to sell.

4. Don’t Do All the Work on Your Own

Running a small business social media account can be a lot of work, but thankfully, there are tons of helpful apps that can take some of the work off your plate. If you don’t already have one, a social media planning app is a MUST!

Posting once or multiple times a day can take a lot of work, and can often be forgotten during a small business owner’s busy schedule. Get a social media planner with automatic posting options to avoid the stress of daily posting.

Take all the photos you need and plan out your social weekly or bi-weekly. Many planners will even post across multiple platforms for you. There are also tons of apps that will evaluate your social media presence so you can figure out what’s working and what’s not.

If you’re lost in the world of social media, leave the work to someone else entirely. Our social media marketing services are here to help, with a specialist who can take your platforms to the next level, teaching you how to make your accounts the best they can be.

5. Get Into Video Content

If you aren’t using video content on your social platforms yet, you should seriously consider starting to. Video content is taking over the world of social media and is a great way to market your company. Taking advantage of tools like IGTV and Facebook Live is a great place to start, and is also super easy.

Real, authentic content is the most relatable to your customer. Bring them into the life of a small business owner, with videos like office tours or product unboxings. An idea that can advise your customers is creating helpful videos filled with tips and advice relating to your products.

6. Partner With Others

If it’s within your advertising budget, consider an influencer or micro-influencer. Find someone in your area with a good social media presence and following, who aligns with your brand.

Working with someone who has more followers than you who may not yet know of your brand is a great way to gain new customers. Having someone with marketing experience highlighting your brand on their own platforms can seriously up your followers.

If this is outside of your fiscal means, consider partnering with other small businesses in your area. This is a great way to come together with other small businesses and introduce your followers to each other’s companies. Consider ideas like a merged social giveaway, where you give away gift cards to both of your companies.

Social Media Musts: Successful Marketing for 2020

Making a successful marketing campaign for your social media presence is a must for increasing your sales and outreach this new year.

For more articles jam-packed with marking skills and strategies, head to the Learn section of our site. Lastly, if you are eager to optimize your marketing strategy as a whole, both on and off social media, then be sure to request one of our free demos.

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