Thinking Outside the PR Box with Mickie Kennedy

Nowadays, the good old fashioned press release is often ignored as a way to market your business, but this tried and tested method can still be extremely beneficial for the businesses that use it correctly.

Today, we are joined by Mickie Kennedy, the Owner of eReleases, which specializes in helping companies with press releases at an affordable cost so that even small businesses can benefit from them. Tuning in, you’ll hear about the importance and responsibility of having employees, what a press release is, and why businesses are fearful of PR, as well as what a compelling press release looks like and why they don’t always have to be related to important news.

To learn more about the importance of press releases, why most press is good press, and how eReleases can help your company with PR, tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Discussing everyone’s favorite soda as an ice breaker. 
  • How Mickie made the move from poetry to PR.
  • How long it took Mickie to realize that he could do this on his own. 
  • When Mickie started employing people and why he waited too long. 
  • The responsibility of having employees. 
  • Defining what a press release is and how small businesses can harness their power. 
  • What businesses are fearful of when it comes to PR. 
  • What Mickie feels makes a compelling press release. 
  • How surveys can help with press releases. 
  • Why press releases don’t always have to be related to important news. 
  • Some interesting alternatives to the standard PR stunt, which Mickie cautions against.
  • The validity that comes from being used in a publication. 
  • Challenges Mickie has encountered when convincing clients of the value of press releases. 
  • Writing services Mickie’s company offers.
  • What has surprised Mickie in his line of work. 
  • Why most press is good press. 
  • Mickie’s business growth hack. 
  • The importance of personalization.


“I challenge everybody to refine what it is that you do that’s different from somebody else [because that can] make your chances of getting an article written much stronger.” — @ereleases [0:14:09]

“If you feel defeated or want to start strong, just do a survey!” — @ereleases [0:17:12]

“Most press is good press!” — @ereleases [0:30:59]

“You can make a really strong connection with someone virtually.” — @ereleases [0:33:00]

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