The Power of Automated Webinars with Melissa Kwan

Today we have a real-life celebrity entrepreneur on the show, and we are so happy to share this amazing conversation with Melissa Kwan! Melissa is the co-founder and CEO of eWebinar, which is a revolutionary automated webinar solution, that empowers hosts through combining pre-recorded video and real-time interactions and live chats. In our conversation, we get to hear from Melissa about the steps leading up to the founding of eWebinar, how automating certain processes changed her life, and why remaining truthful and authentic is the key to managing automation. Our guest also comments on the digital nomad lifestyle, why you are always in control of your workload, and a few nuggets of wisdom for running your first webinar! Listeners can expect to come away with some great insight into the specifics of Melissa’s company, as well as an increased understanding of the benefits of webinars in today’s market, so make sure to give this episode a spin!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Melissa’s belief in the best days being ahead of us! 
  • Some of the reasons why webinars are such a powerful medium right now. 
  • Melissa’s professional history and the companies she started before eWebinar. 
  • Unpacking the concept of a digital nomad and Melissa’s experiences of the idea. 
  • The entrepreneurial spirit that was always in Melissa, even before she was aware of it! 
  • The basics of webinars and the ways in which they can help small businesses.
  • Challenges that Melissa faced earlier in her journey with creating webinars.
  • The continued increase in the importance of the webinar format.
  • How automation can impact your effectiveness and lifestyle. 
  • The limits of automation; how to lean on these facilities in order to focus on what cannot be automated. 
  • Personalization, authenticity, and automation; Melissa speaks about telling the truth.  
  • Advice from Melissa about punctuality for those getting into the webinar game.
  • Why Melissa suggests designing your business around the life you want to live! 
  • A growth hack from Melissa for leveling up your next webinar. 
  • How to find and connect with Melissa and eWebinar online.


“My first two companies were in real estate technology and had lots of trials and tribulations there, and that set me up for what I am doing today.” — @msskwan [0:05:30]

“That’s what I am working on today, helping people get out of webinar hell, turning videos into webinars, so they can go and have more fun.” — @msskwan [0:07:00]

“There is such a disconnect between how we want to be a consumer, and how we are a vendor.” — @msskwan [0:19:39]

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