The Importance of Online Reviews

What someone else says about you carries more weight than what you say about yourself. Someone else’s opinion will ultimately be the deciding factor for customers as they look through your reviews.

What’s crucial is that what you’re saying about yourself lines up with what people on your reviews are saying. It’s where you want to aim to be! We’ve got such a fun topic for the podcast today: Online reviews. They’re extremely important for your business’s success, especially as it pertains to search engine optimization. It’s part of your online presence and provides potential customers with a sneak peek into what they should expect if they are planning to work with you.

Join us today for this jam-packed episode all about how online reviews are fundamental to your company’s growth. We talk about how they influence a variety of different aspects of business like your overall SEO score, Google Map Pack, message validation, final sales, and so much more. You do not want to miss this episode! So make sure to tune in today, and enjoy!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • John tells us about a job he was once offered but didn’t end up taking.
  • Some key points to take into consideration when quoting.
  • Andrew shares statistics related to the importance of online reviews.
  • What online reviews provide: a sneak peek for customers.
  • Why what someone else says about you is more weighty than what you say about yourself.
  • How reviews influence your overall SEO score.
  • What Google looks at with regards to your online reviews and your SEO score.
  • What the Google Map Pack is: location-based results on a Google search results page.
  • We talk about showcasing negative and positive reviews; it provides customers with context.
  • The importance of responding to or addressing your online reviews: keep it classy!
  • How your reviews play a role in your SEOs boosting keywords about your business.
  • The importance of social media, connecting, and networking as it relates to online reviews.
  • How reviews play a vital role in final sales. 
  • Put your reviews everywhere you can put them! 
  • What a mark-up schema is and why a review schema is beneficial for your business. 
  • The importance of having a strategy to replace reviews; consistency is key!
  • Why having a system to protect your company from negative reviews is important.
  • How validating negative experiences can lead to fewer negative reviews. 
  • Growth hack: get reviews by asking nicely and asking in the moment.


“If there aren’t three or more stars, I have a hard time hitting buy.” — John Kelley [0:09:18]

“If you think about your reviews: what you say about yourself — is it really that valid? It can be, but what other people say about you is what somebody’s going to use as a deciding factor. It will hold way more weight than what you say about yourself.” — John Kelley [0:10:09]

“Negative reviews suck, but you’ve still got to read them!” — @abrockenbush [0:28:01]

“Reviews are the foundation of what people think and take as the truth about your business. Whether it is or is not.” — @abrockenbush [0:29:28]

“Just as it is important for you to have strategy and automation consistency in your email marketing whenever you get an email address, it’s just as important with a review.” — @abrockenbush [0:31:45]

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