The Foundation of a Brand with Orsolya Herbein

What is an effective brand? How does a company’s identity tie into its marketing strategy? These are just some questions we answer in this episode with marketing and brand guru Orsolya Herbein.

She believes that if you don’t have a clear message and image, it could lead to a waste of valuable resources, which could be as much as 80% of your marketing budget. She is a partner and creative director at Brand3, which helps businesses reach their brand and marketing potential.

The Brand3 approach is to help companies think differently about marketing while ensuring they do not waste valuable time and money on ineffective strategies. They achieve this while also providing actionable approaches to help grow the business. Her success at Brand3 is due to her unique quality as a visual problem-solver and her background in graphic design. In our conversation, we talk about everything branding, identity, and marketing and get the inside scoop on what makes a successful strategy. We find out how Orsolya first got started in the world of marketing and learn about the work that Brand3 does. We also discuss the biggest challenges facing business owners, why identifying your best customers is important, and what the ‘brand-first’ approach means to our guest. Tune in to discover the common mistakes made by businesses, the number one driver of engagement, which priority areas businesses should focus on, and so much more. If you want your company to reach its marketing and brand potential, this episode is for you!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introduction and background of today’s guest, Orsolya Herbein.
  • Today’s icebreaker for Orsolya: a recipe that always reminds her of home.
  • She tells us about Brand3 and the work that the company does.
  • How she first got started in the world of branding and marketing. 
  • The biggest challenges that business owners are facing.
  • Brand3’s approach to overcoming the challenges businesses are experiencing. 
  • Why building a brand around your favorite customers is essential to growth.
  • What ‘brand-first’ approach means to Orsolya and why it is important.
  • The priority areas that a business should focus on from the start.
  • The common mistakes that companies make concerning marketing.
  • The number one driver of engagement: trust.
  • The power of identity is and how to harness it.
  • Some examples of mistakes that businesses make regarding identity.
  • A rundown of the problems that a bad company name can cause.
  • We end the show by learning Orsolya’s growth hack and takeaway message.


“Every brand essentially makes a promise that appears on your marketing material.” — @OrsolyaHerbein [0:11:27]

“Whether you have thought about it or not, you have a brand because every time you push something in front of someone you are going to be perceived somehow.” — @OrsolyaHerbein [0:16:04]

“The first step, always, is to define your ideal customer and the next step after that is to define what they value.” — @OrsolyaHerbein [0:21:38]

“You are building the brand, not for yourself, you are building it for your customers because they are the ones that have to engage with it.” — @OrsolyaHerbein [0:27:53]

“I believe staying literal is sometimes very beneficial for an identity of a small business.” — @OrsolyaHerbein [0:34:44]

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