Scaling Your Business with Guest Richie McPeak

Today’s episode of the Business Growth Hacks podcast is a special one. Your host Andrew Brockenbush is proud to have the podcast’s very first guest, Richie McPeak. Richie shares details about how despite his cancer fight, he co-founded McPeak Market – maker of the world’s first non-GMO vegan gummy supplements and ready-to-drink plant-based powders for adults and children. We dive into the lessons learned while scaling his business and he gives us advice on how to push through trials.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • First introductions are in order for guest, Richie McPeak, Sarcoma Survivor and entrepreneur.
  • 57% of business owners feel afraid of failure when scaling their business.
  • Your family will get on board with your business.
  • Soul-to-soul branding and why it is important for connecting with potential customers.
  • How cancer only accelerated Richie’s work ethic. 
  • The drawbacks of soul-to-soul marketing and the power of word of mouth.
  • Created and runs an entire brand from his iPhone.
  • Why Richie always dreamed of being a United States Marine.
  • Make sure the partners you make can grow with your business.

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