Rebrand Your Reputation with Bobby Gillespie

Your brand is more than just your logo or messaging; your brand is your reputation. Joining us today to talk about rebranding your reputation is branding expert Bobby “G” Gillespie. Bobby G is the Founder and Principal of Propr, the agency built on a green work ethic to help B2B brands scale, and to empower clients to ultimately succeed without them. In this episode, Bobby generously shares his branding philosophies on reputation, brand clarification, pivoting, trendsetting, and more. He breaks down the non-negotiable aspects of a brand, how to bridge the leadership void, and why it’s essential to maintain brand equity. Tune in to discover the best time to consider rebranding, and how a simplicity mindset will serve you and your reputation!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing brand growth consultant, Bobby G.
  • Bobby G’s genesis story in the design and marketing world.
  • What led to him starting his agency, Propr.
  • The direct link between brand and reputation.
  • The importance of clarifying your brand vision and how to do so.
  • When to consider rebranding.
  • The non-negotiable aspects of your brand.
  • How to bridge the leadership void.
  • Who plays the role of “brand police” within an organization.
  • The importance of creating content that matters and the language used to do so.
  • How to maintain brand equity and why it’s essential.
  • Trendsetting versus trend following.
  • Why it’s important to identify fads versus trends.
  • Advice for pivoting.
  • The danger of social media.
  • The purpose behind Bobby G’s book, Build Your Brand Like You Give A Shit, and what readers will glean from it. 
  • The power of authenticity.
  • The value of committing to the simplicity mindset.


“Brand is more than just a clever logo and a great font.” — @abrockenbush [0:13:34]

“Your logo, your website, your messaging, that’s all expression of your brand. What your brand is, is your reputation [and] your reputation defines you.” — @ThatBobbyG [0:14:09]

“Your reputation is all the things that contribute to people’s emotional connection with you.” — @ThatBobbyG [0:14:42]

“You never stop evaluating and assessing your brand.” — @ThatBobbyG [0:18:23]

“There’s only one aspect of your brand that should be non-negotiable and that’s your values and purpose.” — @ThatBobbyG [0:18:49]

“Creating content that gives value to your customers shows your point of view and perspective … Do that so you attract the right people and repel the wrong ones.” — @ThatBobbyG [0:29:57]

“Being consistent with everything is really how you maintain the right amount of brand equity, so you’re managing your customer’s expectation before they’re even a customer.” — @ThatBobbyG [0:32:36]

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