Reasons You Want To Hire A Marketing Agency

One in five small businesses don’t invest in digital marketing, a shocking statistic in this digital day and age. Today we hear about why you should hire a marketing agency, and the many pros and few cons of doing so. We break the ice with a discussion around the importance of saying “no”, and how this is tied in with being a business owner. We segue into how a marketing agency can help you avoid burnout by saving you time, energy, and money. We also hear how a marketing agency can provide you with a fun space to work, how it exposes you to different ideas, and ways in which it can help you pick up new skills. Find out why Andrew wants to build his own Fantasy Factory, how this is linked to improving Beefy’s clients’ lives, as well as the importance of strengthening your community and interacting with people different from you. For all this and more, press “Play” now. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The ice breaker for today: coming to terms with telling people “no” and the role of a good leader in preventing burnout. 
  • How a marketing agency can prevent you from reaching burnout. 
  • The shocking statistics around the number of small businesses not investing in marketing. 
  • Why you should hire a marketing agency: gaining an outside perspective. 
  • How a marketing agency gives you access to skills outside your existing workforce. 
  • How hiring a marketing agency can actually save you money: access to multiple skills for the cost of one employee. 
  • Why you can do it all yourself, but shouldn’t (time, efficiency, and access to project managers and creatives).
  • The strategic business advice that can come from a marketing agency. 
  • What an agency knows that will help a small business identify its shortcomings. 
  • How agencies benefit from helping you to succeed.
  • The positives of the teamwork dynamics that a small business will be exposed to through an agency.
  • How a marketing agency can rejuvenate a small business!
  • Andrew’s dream of creating a Fantasy Factory. 
  • Picking the right marketing agency for you. 
  • The tools that you can learn from a marketing agency. 
  • How a marketing agency should help you strengthen your community. 
  • The benefits of engaging with people who are different from you. 
  • Today’s hack: getting a free marketing assessment, and a great resource for getting business reviews. 


“It’s hard to establish boundaries for yourself and expectations with your clients, or family, or friends because it’s like ‘I want to support you, to be a good friend, a good family member,’ but if you are always saying ‘Yes,’ there’s eventually going to be a time when you burn out.” — @abrockenbush [0:02:09]

“Bigger is not better. Better is better.” — John Fritzsching [0:05:56]

“If you don’t have time to sort through the best creators and creative people, and then go back-and-forth with revisions times a million until you get the artwork perfect, that’s where an agency can really come in hand.” — @abrockenbush [0:15:45]

“Agencies know what it takes to help small businesses grow.” — @abrockenbush [0:19:20]

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