Preparing Your Business For A Potential Tik Tok Ban

In this episode, your hosts discuss the possibility of TikTok being banned and how it could significantly impact businesses of all sizes. They offer advice on how to prepare for the worst-case scenario, including building your own marketing channels and owning your audience. You want to hear as they explore the benefits repurposing content across platforms, and converting social media followers into owned subscribers. 

While a TikTok ban is still uncertain, it’s essential for businesses to start preparing for the worst-case scenario. Building your own audience and marketing channels can provide a safety net and ensure that your business continues to thrive regardless of external factors. 

Remember, social media followers and fans are borrowed traffic, but by converting them into email or text message subscribers, you can start to take ownership of your content and build a loyal following. Thanks for listening to this episode, and we hope you found our insights helpful!


  • Discussing a hot topic in the business world: the possibility of TikTok being banned.
  • TikTok has over 1 billion users worldwide and is growing in popularity as a marketing and advertising platform.
  • A TikTok ban could significantly impact businesses of all sizes.
  • The background of the TikTok ban, how it could affect businesses, and offer advice on how to prepare for the worst-case scenario.
  • The hosts discuss which celebrities would be most appropriate for their businesses and highlight the importance of knowing your audience.
  • The conversation transitions back to the topic of TikTok and how it is an engaging app with short-form videos.
  • It’s easy to gain traction on Facebook Reels because there isn’t much competition.
  • A social media scheduling tool exists that can help repurpose short-form video content across different platforms.
  • Building marketing channels such as email lists, text message lists, and websites is important because they can be controlled.
  • Businesses that rely heavily on platforms with built-in audiences fail to grow their brands because they do not build their own audiences.
  • Audience-building is essential, regardless of the social channel, and external audience building is important.
  • Social media followers and fans are borrowed traffic and are not owned by businesses.
  • Competing with other creators and not owning followers and fans can cause problems in the future.
  • Converting fans into email subscribers or text message subscribers can help businesses to own their content.


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