Powerful PR: Engaging Customers and Automating Outreach

In this captivating episode of Business Growth Hacks podcast, we are joined by the remarkable Mickie Kennedy, founder of eReleases. With a passion for assisting small businesses, authors, and startups in enhancing their visibility and credibility through press release marketing, Mickie brings a wealth of knowledge to our discussion. Together, we explore a multitude of strategies and cutting-edge tools designed to revolutionize PR and foster deeper customer engagement.


  • The conversation starts with an icebreaker question about favorite places to be.
  • Mickey shares his favorite place, a park with pine trees, and mentions his kids throwing his ashes there after he dies.
  • The discussion shifts to talking about hammocks and the relaxing feeling of being in one.
  • Mickey expresses his love for being on stage and mentions his plans for future speaking engagements.
  • The conversation transitions into the world of PR and how it has evolved.
  • Mickey talks about the growing interest in using AI to write press releases and mentions the importance of having a good story angle and newsworthiness.
  • The discussion touches on the quality of AI-generated content and its potential impact on search engine rankings.
  • The hosts discuss the benefits of using prompts and formats to guide the writing process for press releases and blog posts.
  • They highlight the importance of crafting well-structured and engaging press releases with a story arc to capture journalists’ attention.
  • Mickey emphasizes that journalists are storytellers and advises businesses to provide enough elements for a compelling story in their press releases.
  • The importance of thinking beyond self-promotion and focusing on creating engaging content that journalists would find valuable
  • Automating the process of sending press releases for website launches.
  • Working with small PR firms, marketing firms, and SEO companies, each with different goals.
  • Cheaper press release distribution services only provide syndication on subdomains that don’t receive much attention.
  • Recommendations on tools or software for small business owners to assist with PR, including writing, outreach, and pitching.
  • Chat GPT can be useful for organizing thoughts and brainstorming ideas for various types of content.
  • Chat GPT can generate well-organized lists for blog post topics or help in creating professional messages or press releases.
  • The value of reaching out to existing customers and having conversations with them to uncover additional revenue opportunities.
  • The speaker highlights the importance of celebrating milestones with clients and the positive outcomes of genuine check-in conversations.
  • They express their desire to have the guest back in the future and promote the guest’s free masterclass on strategies for PR available at “”