Law Firm Mentor with Allison Williams

Our guest today is a powerhouse! Allison Williams is known as the Law Firm Mentor and is the owner of two successful companies. She’s the founder of Williams Law Group, a full-service family law firm, and as the Law Firm Mentor, she provides business coaching services for solo and small law firm attorneys where she helps them grow their revenues, crush chaos in business, and make more money.

Join us today as we hear from Allison about growing your business, navigating a partner split, handling the fear behind hiring the right person at the right time, how to create a marketing plan to produce recurring revenue in your business, and so much more. You do not want to miss out, so make sure to tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An icebreaker: a common thing Allison has never done.
  • What sparked Allison’s interest in law: prosecuting Christopher Columbus for war crimes. 
  • She shares some of her business growth secrets; acquiring and integrating business skills.
  • More behind the story of how she came to create her coaching business. 
  • Allison shares how she handled the split with her ex-business partner: how will they both be kept whole?
  • How she navigated making her first hire; handling the fear that will inevitably be there.
  • The top characteristics Allison looks for when going through the hiring process: attitude, aptitude, and cultural fit.
  • The importance of learning the art of behavioral interviewing and how that applies to hiring.
  • Advice on when it’s the right time to hire someone; when 75% of the things on your plate can go to someone else.
  • How small, law-related businesses can build a marketing plan to produce recurring revenue.
  • Allison’s advice on how to convert more clients over the competition; carving out the target client avatar. 
  • Why Allison and her team offer worksheets for free and the value of these resources. 
  • Allison’s favorite episode of her own podcast Crushing Chaos with Law Firm Mentor: Episode 139.
  • A shameless plug from Allison Williams.
  • We end with one business growth hack.


“Money in the bank is not security. It’s perceived security, but it can be gone. The only thing that you are ever going to have true security in is what you, alone, are capable of doing.” —@WmsLawGroup [0:18:20]

“One of the things I teach our clients about hiring is that you always have to be looking for attitude, aptitude, and fit.” —@WmsLawGroup [0:21:45]

“Something I always tell my clients is that nothing creates hustle like hunger.” —@WmsLawGroup [0:29:23]

“The way that you crush chaos in any business is to systematize everything.” —@WmsLawGroup [0:50:47]

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