How to Buy Media with Mary Ann Pruitt

Welcome back to the Business Growth Hacks podcast, hosted by Beefy Marketing! We have Mary Ann Pruitt with Mosaic Media in conversation with us today. Join us today to hear all about Mosaic Media’s approach to media buying, strategic planning, and programmatic. Mary Ann also shares her thoughts on how Facebook is evolving into more of a brand recognition platform than a targeting one. You’ll also hear Mary Ann’s insights about the influence of the pandemic on media consumption, why you should constantly be updating your research tools, and whether or not traditional media is dead. We touch on responding to habit-forming behavior and learn why an omnichannel approach is absolutely essential before touching on eCommerce and the importance of diving deep into your customer’s persona to reach them effectively. Finally, we discuss vital questions to ask when choosing a specialist to take the reins in the area of media buying for your company. Join us today to hear all this and more!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to today’s guest, Mary Ann Pruitt, CEO of Mosaic Media.
  • Ice-breaker question: Mary’s dream vacation in Sicily.
  • Mosaic Media’s focus on media strategies for agencies and in-house brands.
  • Why it has become more expensive to keep strategy in-house for brands.
  • Their goal to be a revenue generator for a company, instead of just a cost.
  • Maximizing strategy according to the target audience.
  • Why she thinks of Facebook as more of a brand recognition platform than a targeting one.
  • Why your targeting should be evolving into a programmatic buying space.
  • How Mary Ann defines media buying and why you have to have a strategic plan behind it.
  • The necessity of finding a specialist who stays on top of the changing landscape.
  • How the pandemic has forced us into an evolution of media consumption we weren’t ready for.
  • Why you should constantly be updating your research tools.
  • Why Mary Ann doesn’t believe that traditional media is dead.
  • How a change in behavior forms a habit that you should respond to.
  • Why you have to have an omnichannel approach in order to catch a customer’s attention.
  • Digging deep into your customer’s persona in order to reach them.
  • Why it is essential to have an eCommerce option.
  • Her favorite form of marketing: the programmatic approach specified to you.
  • Finding a partner that knows how to use all the platforms as well as programmatic.
  • Why you should be aiming for quality impressions over their quantity.
  • The most important thing for agencies to know: know what your strengths are and outsource what you don’t know.
  • Mary Ann’s big goal to help and educate agencies on the omnichannel approach.
  • Where businesses should start when developing an ad strategy.
  • Questions to ask when choosing a partner including whether they are Google partners.
  • What the data will begin to reveal to you when you use the programmatic space.
  • Mary Ann’s Business Growth Hack for the listeners: know that your small budget can do something if you use programmatic.
  • The importance of checking the social sentiment of your brand.
  • Mary Ann’s invitation to contact her with any questions you may have.


“At Mosaic Media, we concentrate on media. What are your media strategies? What are your paid tactics? How does your earned media go with your paid tactics? How are you maximizing those paid tactics? In today’s world, it’s so specialized and confusing.” — @mediaMAPs [0:06:46]

“If you’re not starting to think about the evolution of your targeting into a programmatic buying space, then that’s where you are behind.” — @mediaMAPs [0:09:41]

“Anything that is going to be paid, that is going to reach your consumer in some way is media buying, and you should have a strategy behind it.” — @mediaMAPs [0:10:23]

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