Finding Your One of a Kind Message with Kenny Gray

Finding your business’ one of a kind message is one of the most important steps on the road to success. Here today to share his insights on how to create unique creative strategies to drive sales and boost revenues is Kenny Gray, founder of Grayt Media. His ability to utilize Facebook and other social media channels has been proven to scale eCommerce businesses and Shopify stores alike, and most recently, he has learned to leverage the power of TikTok.

Tune in today to hear about Kenny’s career journey, leading up to building the team at Grayt Media, and hear his thoughts on leverage the power of TikTok, and whether Facebook ads are still relevant. Next, we dive into AB sales funnels, and how bounce rates feed into the algorithm, before Kenny shares some advice for budgeting for paid ads, and understanding that your business is not for everyone. Hear why it’s important to see the big picture, and why you need to be okay with not seeing a return on your investment while you build brand awareness. Join us to hear all this and more today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to today’s guest, Kenny Gray with Grayt Media. 
  • Ice-breaker question: TikTok worlds you have got lost in. 
  • Kenny’s first job out of college as a marketing intern on the Golf Channel.
  • How he got his start in the digital marketing space, became a freelancer, and started to build a team that is always learning.
  • His ultimate goal to deliver great work and why he doesn’t pursue opportunities that don’t allow him to do that.
  • Tips for leveraging the power of TikTok: focus on the organic approach.
  • His thoughts on whether Facebook ads are still relevant: yes! 
  • AB testing, sales funnels, and how bounce rates feed into the algorithm.
  • Where to start with a budget for paid advertising, and how to test everything in a controlled environment. 
  • Advice for businesses looking to introduce paid ads when they don’t know where to start.
  • The importance of understanding that your business is not for everyone. 
  • What you need to set up before you introduce paid media. 
  • Why you should spend at least $300 dollars a month when you start out.
  • Why you have to be okay with not seeing an initial return on your work. 
  • Focusing on the organic approach and going for engagement metrics to look for little wins with TikTok.
  • What businesses can do to see an uptick in your online shows with limited budget: set up your back end as well as you can, with email, SMS, and community management.
  • Why nothing can sell your business better than word of mouth.
  • How community engagement can sell your product better than the ad itself.


“I freelanced for a bit and that went better than I thought, and I realized, it’s either I work every single day constantly, or I start building a team that makes more sense for longevity, so that’s what I started to do.” — Kenny Gray [0:14:08]

“Keep figuring out what people actually want to buy, and then keep on producing derivatives and variants of that.” — Kenny Gray [0:017:03]

“Make TikToks. Don’t make ads.” — Kenny Gray [0:21:03]

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