Entrepreneurs need grit! With Samantha Varner

Entrepreneurs are a special breed of people that are born with incredible resilience. However, sometimes they get in their own way and as a result, do not see the growth they want to see in their business. Today on the Business Growth Hacks podcast, we are joined by Samantha Varner. Samantha is a profit coach and money-making business specialist. She is also the owner of SHE Collective; a coaching program designed to help women become badass entrepreneurs. Today we discuss Samantha’s definition of ‘grit’ and how entrepreneurs can learn from the hardships they face. We also discuss why Samantha travels a lot and how that affected her decision to open her own company.

Next, we talk about why she focuses on female-owned businesses and what services she offers. We then discuss how Samantha pushes entrepreneurs to move past their weaknesses before delving into her Crush Formula. She also shares some tips for journaling and why this is helpful. Finally, Samantha tells us what business owners can do to balance personal and professional lives. Tune in to hear all this and so much more!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guest, Samantha Varner. 
  • How Samantha got her start and got to where she is now in her career. 
  • How Samantha defines ‘grit.’
  • How entrepreneurs can learn from the ‘suck’ and hardships they face on their own.
  • Why Samantha travels a lot and how that affects her work. 
  • Why Samantha focuses on women-owned businesses.
  • What services Samantha offers to her clients. 
  • How Samantha’s coaching differs from the abundance of coaching businesses out there.
  • Why numbers and shame go hand in hand for female entrepreneurs. 
  • How Samantha pushes people to make changes and move past areas of weakness.
  • Samantha explains her Crush Formula. 
  • C – core: why you are doing this and what your values are.
  • R – revenue: the money aspect.
  • U – utilities: moving from being a one-man band. 
  • S – sales: what the sales process is and how to do it faster. 
  • H – headspace: managing your mind throughout the whole process. 
  • Some things business owners can do to build confidence. 
  • Samantha shares some advice for starting journaling. 
  • How Samantha recommends balancing personal and professional lives. 
  • Samantha gives listeners a journaling prompt. 
  • Samantha gives us some information about her company.


“I’ve learned so much from working for myself.” — @abrockenbush [0:06:45]

“It doesn’t matter how long it’s going to take me to accomplish this thing, but I’m going to do it until I do.” — Samantha Varner [0:07:10]

“You don’t need more hours to make more money.” — Samantha Varner [0:19:46]

“You’ve got to give yourself a break!” — Samantha Varner [0:38:44]

“You need to build a business that supports your life, right? The business is a secondary character to your story.” — Samantha Varner [0:39:19]

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