Building A Thriving Real Estate Empire with Kate Padilla

 In this episode, the hosts interview Kate Padilla, a realtor and serial entrepreneur. The discussion is centered around various topics, including the importance of being intentional in lead generation, the future of the real estate industry, balancing work and personal life, and the value of vulnerability in business.

Key Points:

  • Being Intentional in Lead Generation: The hosts emphasize the importance of not just gathering leads without follow-up and being intentional in marketing efforts.
  • Supporting Small Businesses: They discuss the need for small businesses to support each other to avoid negative impacts on pricing models.
  • Balancing Work and Parenting: Kate shares her experience as a parent and entrepreneur, highlighting the importance of finding a balance between work and family life.
  • The Future of Real Estate: They explore the future of the real estate industry and the role of technology in shaping its trends.
  • Real Estate as an Investment: Kate explains how real estate can be an investment in oneself and the potential of using equity to grow and expand.
  • Time Management and Productivity: The hosts discuss the significance of effective time management and making the most of available time.
  • Seeking Joy and Finding Balance: They highlight the importance of finding joy in work and personal life and maintaining a healthy balance.
  • Vulnerability and Growth: The value of vulnerability is emphasized as a means of personal and professional growth.


“If you’re just gathering leads and gathering leads, it’s a complete waste of my time.” (00:26:17)

“Take time for yourself and your family… don’t just build a business all the way up to realize that you have no family or friends left around you.” (00:39:54)

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