Brand Conversations that Convert with Kate DiLeo

Brand is the path of least resistance to revenue. At least, that is what brand architect, Kate DiLeo, believes! As today’s guest Kate teaches you how to eliminate complex and ineffective brand storytelling by delivering a simple yet evocative message that gets to the root of what you do, how you solve your customer’s problem, and how you differ from your competition.

The outcome? Brand conversations that convert! Kate has partnered with more than 200 brands across 20 sectors, she is passionate about helping brands craft messaging that brings more prospects to the table, and her book, Muting the Megaphone: Stop Telling Stories and Start Having Conversations, is set to release in July 2022.

Today, you’ll learn why your tone of voice is critical to your success and how to avoid a one-way monologue and start a brand conversation that encourages buyers to act, not just listen. Kate also shares her ‘brand trifecta’ philosophy, which encompasses your tagline, your value proposition statement, and your differentiators, and we touch on the power of niching in, building a brand playbook, and so much more! If you are ready to cut the fluff and build a brand that wins more work, this is the episode for you! We hope you’ll join us.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An icebreaker to kick things off; what Kate would do with her time if money were no object!
  • Hear why Kate refers to herself as an “accidental brand strategist.”
  • Advice from her dad that helped her set up her career: never burn a bridge, live and die by your Rolodex, know how to sell something.
  • The influence that Kate’s education in anthropology has had on her business mindset.
  • Defining branding as the path of least resistance to revenue.
  • Why your tone of voice, brand personality, and brand archetypes are critical to your success.
  • Storytelling versus brand conversations and how to avoid a one-way monologue.
  • Some of the key logistics of writing about your brand on your website.
  • The roles that story and conversation play at the point of conversion.
  • Understanding why less is more when it comes to the structure of your homepage.
  • Kate’s ‘brand trifecta’ philosophy: what you do, how you solve your customer’s problem, and how you differ from your competition.
  • What organizations should be focused on, and it’s not your competitors!
  • Another area Kate focuses on with her clients: niching in (and why that can be scary).
  • Why Kate believes her singular focus on messaging is her core business characteristic.
  • The importance of building a brand playbook and how it helped Kate in her business.
  • What Kate has learned from her mentors about leading from desperation or invitation.
  • Missed opportunities for business leaders, including the opportunity to evolve as people.
  • Kate’s business growth hack: take a look at your brand trifecta!


“Your brand is your path of least resistance to revenue. Said differently: the job of your brand message is to get more of the right prospects to the right table at the right time.” — Kate DiLeo [0:13:27]

“It’s really powerful to have a brand that is a conversation because you’re no longer putting [buyers] in a position just to sit back and listen. You’re actually putting them in a position to act.” — Kate DiLeo [0:16:47]

“Great brands do not speak to everybody. You’re not in the business of convincing. You’re in the business of converting.” — Kate DiLeo [0:30:57]

“My business exploded when I niched in because I began to build such a rich partnership network.” — Kate DiLeo [0:41:09]

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