What to Look For When It Comes To Logo Design

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What’s your favorite company logo? When you think of a good logo, you probably think of the famous ones: the McDonald’s arches, the Target bullseye, the Amazon smile. But what makes a good logo stick in your mind like that? As logo designers and creators ourselves, we think we have the know-how when it comes to making a stylish, memorable logo– after all, our Beefy logo is one of our favorites. Here’s a quick rundown on some pointers when it comes to making a good logo design great.

1. Function over Fashion
A logo isn’t just for making your website look cute (although, we know that’s a big factor). The main function of a good graphic is communication between company and consumer; a logo can tell you a lot about the company’s culture, services, and values. Take our logo design for Red Robin Fencing.

Right away, a viewer and potential customer can tell they’re a fencing company, but that they do all sorts of handiwork– and that they love birds. Keeping your logo simple but memorable is the way to stick in someone’s mind and make sure they keep your business at the forefront of their thoughts when it comes to your services.

2. Colorful and Creative
Color theory may come across as silly, but it works wonders! For a good example, take a look at our logo design for Century Farms at Chappell Hill:

Century Farms offers land to those wanting to start a fresh life in the countryside, as well as offering builder recommendations for house construction. Our logo design for them, as you can see, is very green; green symbolically means growth, renewal, rebirth, and other very chill synonyms. We wanted to reflect the fresh, pastoral energy that Century Farms has going on in their logo, and we think we did a pretty awesome job with it. Color is super important in your logo design, as it illustrates what your company is all about in vibrant shades of success.

3. Visual Hierarchy
Arranging design elements is more puzzling than you might think. Figuring out what words go where and whether to center them or left-align them– it’s hard work in the work day of a logo designer! Visual hierarchy serves to guide the observer through your work properly, differentiating between the information at hand to show off your company’s style. For a good example, here’s our logo design for Arts Alive!


The two different colors for the two different words draw your eye to “Alive!” first, especially as it’s the biggest word on the screen, but the full logo flows well with “arts” tucked in above the curl in the “A” of “alive!”. The flowy, curly nature of the letters themselves makes the logo– and thus, the company– look colorful, vibrant, and (forgive us for the pun) alive.

4. Timeless and Versatile
There’s a few different characteristics that make for a good logo design, but two of the most important, in our opinion, are timelessness and versatility. If your logo is practical, colorful, and simple to understand, then congrats! It’s already a timeless logo, meaning that you can have it as the symbol of your company for years without it looking like it came out of a time machine. For an example of a timeless logo, take our design for Standard Pig.


Easy to read, practical, and even a little colorful– a timeless logo, alright! This logo could’ve been created in 1980 or 2018 and it would still look good. Making sure that your logo stands the test of time is important, as it wouldn’t be super financially stable to change your logo up every few years. (Though if you want to do that, we can help you out!)

Versatility is another big factor for a logo. Depending on your company’s services, you’ll want to make merchandise to advertise your business, so your logo should be able to transfer between shirts, hats, posters, business cards… and even more! Last (but certainly not least), here’s the one, the only… the Beefy logo.

Our pride and joy. Beefy’s logo is very versatile; we have it on hats, t-shirts, business cards, and even our special Beefy boxes for our clients (if you know, you know). We don’t mean to brag– okay, we do a little– but our logo can be stamped on anything and it’ll look fresh, professional, and most of all, cool.

Which logo is your favorite? We love all of our logo designs and work hard on each one to make sure they fit all four of these criteria; that’s why thousands of companies have trusted us to create special, unique logos for them over the ten years Beefy has been in business. If your business needs a logo and you’re a fan of our designs here, hit us up! We’d love to work with you on a logo for your company.

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