The Benefits of Podcasting in Today’s Marketing Landscape

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Do you think that podcasting won’t grow your business? Think again! Podcasting has grown by 25%, and 40 million+ people listen to a podcast.

You might wonder if podcasting is right for your business and if it’ll help it grow. From entrepreneurship to healthy eating, there’s a piece of the podcasting pie for you. Read on to explore the top benefits of podcasting and watch your business soar to new heights in no time!

1. Grow Your Brand

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we can tell you the importance of blog posts, whitepapers, and podcasting. When you perform business podcasting, you’re creating trust with your potential customers.

Potential customers will view you as an expert in your field. They’ll then be more likely to trust the advice and opinions that you provide them. This can lead to an improvement in customer retention and a boost in overall conversions.

2. Affordable

Podcast marketing is a great way to increase your overall ROI. The great part about podcast marketing is that it’s affordable and easy to create. It also helps you increase your overall revenue.

Since podcasts are easy to create, you can create many in little time. Instead of having to wait on whitepaper or blog posts, you can create multiple podcasts in that timeframe.

When content is produced faster, the likelihood of your target audience finding you increases. You can even find companies that’ll help you start, launch, and maintain your podcast.

3. Improves Conversions

When you create rapport and trust with your customers, you’re at an increased likelihood of higher conversions. Make sure to give your listeners options to connect with you. You’ll also want to make sure that your brand and podcast are properly aligned with each other.

4. Potential Brand Partnerships

About 54% of podcast consumers state that they think about buying the advertised products mentioned in a podcast. Also, when brands advertise their services on a podcast, they notice a 14% increase in purchase intent. Influencer marketing can be applied to podcast content as well.

Podcasts also allow you to partner with similar brands that target the same market without competing with you. Partnerships can also increase your conversions and audience over time.

You can also advertise your business on other podcasts in order to reach your target audience. Reach out to podcasts with a large number of listeners in order to get your business out there further.

5. Reuse Content

If you have blog posts or other content, you can reuse it for your podcast. No matter how old it is, if it’s relevant and high-quality, you might be able to recycle that content. Make sure to freshen up the content and not use the same exact material.

6. Engage With Your Audience

Podcasts for business are one of the most effective ways to have an engaged audience. First, your readers can listen while they’re driving, cooking, walking, etc.

That means that it can attract more of your audience since they can be doing other things while listening. Subscribers will also automatically receive the latest episode when it’s uploaded. One study finds that 25.9% of time spent on audio sources is on podcasts!

7. Niche It Down

Since podcasts can be on a specific topic, that means that you can really niche it down and reach the right audience. This also allows you to speak about your different products or services as well.

8. Multiple Ad Options

There are multiple ad formats in order to increase awareness for your brand or make extra revenue for your business. Native ads are part of the script that the show host will cover.

Outro ads are normally at the end of the show. Pre-roll ads are at the beginning of the show. Mid-roll ads occur in the middle of the show when there’s a break.

9. Boosts SEO

Podcasts will offer your business an increase in SEO (search engine optimization). Search engine optimization is a keyword/keywords that someone types into search engines.

If you have those words on your site, they’re more likely to land on your page. The great part about SEO is that’s it’s organic (free).

When you do have a podcast, provide a transcript at the bottom. This will allow you to drive more traffic by providing keywords in the content.

Within the transcript, you can also provide links to different parts of your website. Make sure to include keywords in the description and title of the podcast as well.

Another option is to place the transcript of the podcast into a blog post. This will direct people to listen to your podcast/check out different services or products.

10. Express Emotion

It’s easier to offer emotion in a podcast than in a blog post. When you’re speaking, you can convey different emotions to your audience that they can pick up on. This can also help you to achieve rapport and higher conversions.

Exploring the Benefits of Podcasting for Your Business

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of the benefits of podcasting for your business. Take your time coming up with a plan for your business in order to succeed.

Are you ready to get started podcasting but aren’t sure where to begin? Or, maybe you’re busy and need them done quickly.

Here at Beefy Marketing, we have a podcast studio right in our office. Contact us today, and we’ll help you come up with an action plan for your business. We can help you start, launch, and maintain your podcast!

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