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Born out of the essence of the American Dream, makes commercial property ownership easy and affordable for small business owners. Joining us today on Small Business Origins, is the CEO and founder of, Kevin Song. With immigrants for parents, Kevin grew up on the concept of the American Dream as his family went through the ups and downs of running a small grocery store located in Brooklyn. In this episode, Kevin tells us all about his background and how it led him to start, his opinions of the American Dream, why dual-income households are essential today, and why America is dealing with an identity crisis. We also discuss how small businesses struggle among their larger competitors before we delve into what does, how they educate their clients, why they are different from other institutions like them, and the size of the company. Finally, Kevin inspires small business owners with some sincere words of gratitude. If you are looking to buy property as a small business owner or even if you just want to hear an interesting take on thriving in America today, then this episode is for you!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guest, Kevin Song.
  • Why Kevin is not good with plants.
  • A brief overview of Kevin’s background and the struggles he and his family have faced.
  • Why real estate is a constantly changing industry all over the USA.
  • Kevin’s family’s business and how he got involved in his youth.
  • Why the American Dream is no longer attainable in a single-income household.
  • Kevin tells us about his immigrant parents and how he sees the American Dream.
  • Why America has a mass identity crisis.
  • Kevin tells us about his first job and college experience.
  • What made Kevin interested in the world of finance.
  • How large businesses affect the success of small businesses.
  • Why should be considered a business partner and what they do.
  • How is educating their clients.
  • What is doing that makes them special.
  • Why sometimes turns clients away.
  • The size of and what their reach is like.
  • Kevin leaves small business owners with some words of appreciation.


“When I think about the description of the American Dream as this final destination of a home and the white picket fence, I really don’t think that’s the product of America.” — @kevinjsong [00:14:01]

“I think in a lot of ways [Americans] are dealing with a sort of mass identity crisis and we want to see a real change because I think the promise and belief of the American Dream is something that we do want to keep alive.” — @kevinjsong [00:15:20]

“Ultimately it comes down to if the properties the business is considering buying are a good idea for the business to be the owner of, [ is] educating business owners on every step of that journey.” — @kevinjsong [00:31:49]

“Small business owners are the best at taking care of other people but they’re not so great at taking care of themselves and [] wants to be in the business of taking care of them and serving them.” — @kevinjsong [00:34:02]

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