Position Your Business to Win feat. Perry Allison with PowerOP


Business owners truly are the backbone of our society, yet they rarely get the support they need in order to thrive and pull their teams up with them. Perry Allison joins us today to discuss the challenges business owners face and the services his company, PowerOP, offers small businesses to aid their growth. Perry candidly shares his origin story and entrepreneurship journey, explaining how his experience of growing his fitness service company, Premier, inspired the idea for PowerOP. We discuss everything from the danger of worshipping income to the importance of relinquishing control, and Perry shares insight into how to ensure genuine buy-in from your team. Tune in to find out what causes business owners to get trapped in the hamster wheel and how PowerOP’s five stages of development can guide them off, and onto a path of sustainable growth.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • PowerOP’s Perry Allison answers our icebreaker question.
  • What prompted him to move from California to Texas.
  • The annual toy drive he does for fatherless kids and disenfranchised families.
  • Perry’s origin story and entrepreneurship journey.
  • The challenge business owners face and the impact they have on employees.
  • PowerOP’s mission to leverage human equity and energy for growth.
  • Why business owners get stuck in the hamster wheel.
  • How to encourage real engagement from your team.
  • The five stages of development PowerOP guides small businesses through.
  • The various packages PowerOP offers clients.
  • The value of mentorship.
  • Perry’s journey of growing his fitness service company, Premier.
  • How his experience with Premier inspired the idea for PowerOP, and how a resource like PowerOP would’ve accelerated the business’ growth.
  • PowerOP’s fee structure.
  • The adjustments required to adapt to the new digital business world.
  • PowerOP and Premier’s target customers.
  • The responsibility business owners have to improve work environments.
  • The gains of giving.
  • Perry’s generous offer to Small Business Origins listeners.


“Making the most money I’ve ever made in my life, I was [the] most frustrated that I’ve ever been.” — Perry Allison [0:18:21]

“Business owners are the backbone of our society.” — Perry Allison [0:18:50]

“We leverage human equity and human energy by first connecting with our team members to position us for growth.” — Perry Allison [0:20:20]

“In the releasing of the roles and responsibilities is when we actually position our organizations to win and tap into real engagement from our team, where they start to see their identity and their mission aligning with the company.” — Perry Allison [0:23:57]

“Business is not as usual … we are in a different digital business world.” — Perry Allison [0:36:36]

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