Hypnotherapy & Past Lives to Heal: Part 1 feat. Kristine Ovsepian with Journeys to Heal


How much do we truly know about hypnosis? Should hypnotherapy as an industry be getting more recognition as a proven method of healing? Joining us today for an intriguing conversation is the Founder of Journeys to Heal, Kristine Ovsepian. Kristine began her life’s journey in Armenia before her parents immigrated to America with hopes of a better life for her and her brother. She tells us about how she stumbled upon hypnotherapy, why she chose to follow her heart and ignore the doubts of her loved ones, and why she probably wouldn’t be working in this field if she was living in her home country. We are then left enthralled as our guest walks us through the misunderstood industry of hypnotherapy, the many different types of hypnosis, how her practice differs from stage hypnosis, and how all we need to do to heal is unlock the true power hidden within ourselves. The greatest war we fight is the one against our own minds, and Kristine explains how fear and a lack of self-love are the root causes of almost all our misgivings. We end the discussion by exploring the correlation between spirituality, religion, and hypnotherapy, and how past-life regression therapy ties into Christianity. We barely scratched the surface in this conversation, and there will definitely be a part two, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter to guarantee your early access!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guest, the Founder of Journeys to Heal, Kristine Ovsepian.
  • Why Kristine doesn’t collect anything anymore.
  • Growing up as an immigrant in America and how she ended up where she is now.
  • How she stumbled upon hypnotherapy as a vocation.
  • Why she decided to follow her dreams even though everyone close to her had their doubts.
  • Reasons that she would never have done hypnotherapy in Armenia.
  • Why hypnotherapy is heavily misunderstood as an industry.
  • What Kristine does, the clients she serves, and how her work differs from stage hypnosis.
  • Exploring the many different forms of hypnosis.
  • How Christ’s greatest gift was helping us realize that the power lies within us.
  • Why humanity’s greatest war is the one we’ve waged against our own minds.
  • How fear and lack of self-love are the root causes of most pain, negativity, and anxiety.
  • Past-life regression therapy and how it ties into Christianity.
  • How spirituality is interconnected with hypnotherapy.
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“I am one of those individuals that can truly say, ‘Follow your dreams; your dreams can make you money.’” — @journeystoheal [0:06:54] 

“Once you recognize that there are certain beliefs and behaviors that are detrimental to your life or are hurting you or others in any way, you have the power and responsibility to change it.” — @journeystoheal [0:08:57]

“I say we’ve got to go after the root. Because the root cause of weight gain, emotional eating, [and] smoking is a lack of self-love.” — @journeystoheal [0:19:08]

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