Honest Mechanic, Community Servant feat. David with Dynamic Motors Auto Repair


Some of us come to business ownership as first-generation entrepreneurs, and others fall in love with it as children while watching their parents work hard and reap the rewards. Today’s guest falls firmly within the second category, having been trained in the family business by his father from the tender age of eight. Tune in to hear how David’s people-centered approach to business has drawn in a community of people from far and wide, and why that community is so important to him. You’ll hear how he structures his business, what he advises for listeners looking to avoid being scammed, and how computerization has influenced the motor industry today. We talk about the many ways David uses Dynamic Motors Auto Repair to give back, and he extends an invitation to listeners to join him and the team on the next Community Day, where you’ll stand a chance to win your share of great prizes. Thanks for tuning in!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Welcome to David, with Dynamic Motors Auto Repair.
  • Today’s ice-breaker question: your most frequently used emoji.
  • Why David prefers to call rather than text.
  • The perils of texting in a business setting.
  • Our sponsor: Beefy Marketing, and what they do.
  • David’s story leading up to starting Dynamic Motors Auto Repair.
  • How his father trained him and his siblings in the family business growing up.
  • What he learned growing up and how he implements the principle of giving back today.
  • The community event hosted on 10 December with a petting zoo, bouncy house, mechanical bull, free food, and a raffle.
  • Why community is so important to David.
  • Why David is such a hands-on business owner.
  • His advice to people afraid of being scammed by crooked technicians.
  • Why David is looking to hire more qualified practitioners to manage his workload.
  • How his prices are structured in accordance with the associated labor.
  • The switch that has occurred between manual and computerized mechanisms.
  • Why David believes that every make is essentially equal.
  • Why he accommodates both walk-ins and bookings.
  • Where to find Dynamic Motors Auto Repair online.


“Without the community, you’re really nothing. People don’t realize that.” — David [0:14:38]

“If you come in and you’re a regular customer and I know you and I feel like I can trust you, I will help you out as best as I can, but you’ve got to realize that the money is literally coming out of my pocket, not the company’s, but mine.” — David [0:32:00]

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