God, Family, Coffee feat. Billy Schiel with Honor Society Coffee Co.

There are countless ways in which we can honor others above ourselves and Billy Schiel has chosen to do that through coffee! What began as a retail product honoring coffee bean farmers and the craft of roasting has now evolved into a coffee shop that has the additional benefit of honoring the community that it serves. Because who can be unhappy when they’re drinking a delicious cup of coffee while surrounded by friends? Alongside running the Honor Society Coffee Co., Billy is a pastor with the Church Project; another way in which he serves and cares for others. Tune into our very first episode to hear about the origins of Billy’s small business journey, the benefits of staying small, advice for running a successful business, and some fascinating facts about coffee. Even if you don’t love coffee, Honor Society Coffee Co. has something that will fill your cup (literally and figuratively!)

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The origins of Billy’s 10-year journey in the coffee world.
  • How to roast the perfect coffee beans (according to Billy).
  • The first coffee company that Billy founded.
  • The inspiration behind the founding (and naming) of Honor Society Coffee Co.
  • How Honor Society Coffee Co. has evolved over the past few years.
  • The pastoral side of Billy’s life.
  • One of the keys to being successful in business.
  • Benefits of partnering with a bean roaster.
  • Where Billy sources the beans for his coffee.
  • What makes Honor Society Coffee Co. stand out from other coffee companies.
  • Some of Honor Society Coffee Co.’s specialty drinks.
  • How the Americano got its name.
  • Billy explains what a Nitro Cold Brew is.
  • Other delicious treats that can be found at Honor Society Coffee Co.
  • The intention behind the monthly events held at Honor Society Coffee Co.
  • Why you should pay Tomball a visit!


“Once you’ve gone into coffee you never can get out of it.” — @Gospelbroker [0:09:59]

“Honor Society comes from this idea that I saw in Romans 12:10, “Honor others above yourselves.” — @Gospelbroker [0:12:04]

“Coffee is just a tool but what happens around coffee is all the other elements of community and creativity and friendships and feeling like part of a family.” — @Gospelbroker [0:15:15]

“Coffee is really an extension of caring for people for me.” — @Gospelbroker [0:16:49]

“Whatever it is that you want to accomplish in business, be hyper-focused on that one thing.” — @Gospelbroker [0:21:07]

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