From Salesman to Entrepreneur feat. Sean Boyle with Momentum Virtual Tours


There is power in looking in the mirror to check your pride, assess your ego, and acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses: all for the betterment of your business. Sean Boyle, a young, successful business co-founder, describes his first experiences of entrepreneurial inspiration and how his world came crashing down with a call that preceded his dad serving a prison sentence for fraud. After navigating tough times with an unwavering determination, Sean was inspired by a camera lying around the office and began building a now almost seven-figure company, Momentum Virtual Tours. At the core, the business provides 360 representations of properties and small businesses to empower the owners and provide enjoyment for customers. Sean explains how his business related to marketing, why COVID was a secret blessing, and how they are optimized for google. This episode will leave you inspired by Sean’s positive mindset and his motivation to serve his clients!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An icebreaker question for Sean.
  • Why Sean isn’t focused on his love life right now.
  • How Sean ended up where he is today.
  • The impact of Sean’s dad serving time for fraud.
  • Sean’s inspiration for Momentum Virtual Tours.
  • Where Sean gets his positive mindset.
  • What is Momentum Virtual Tours?
  • Why creating a virtual tour will help grow your business.
  • How COVID impacted Sean’s business.
  • The pricing of a virtual tour and the main determinants.
  • How Momentum Virtual Tours uses Google.
  • Sean’s average product turnover.
  • The scaling and projection predictions for Momentum 360.
  • Sean’s biggest business challenges.
  • Why a business leader needs to know their strengths and weaknesses.


“[Doing the tough things] in life are either making you weaker or making you stronger.” — @TheBoylerRoom_ [0:18:35]

“Think how good you will feel after [doing tough things] and not the act of actually doing them.” — @TheBoylerRoom_ [0:21:14]

“You can learn how to sell but you need a product to back it up.” — @TheBoylerRoom_ [0:30:20]

“You think of the big cheese (yourself) to have all the answers but in reality, you are only one person and you need to have a great team around you to answer the [what you don’t know] for you.” — @TheBoylerRoom_ [0:36:35]

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