From Overwhelmed to Opportunity feat. JaTaun Noelle, Event Planner, Motivational Speaker and Mentor


Have you ever moved somewhere to follow someone else’s dream? JaTaun Noelle ended up in Las Vegas helping someone else chase their dreams, but as she likes to say, God has more in store for her than that. A life full of hardships, grief, and struggles has left JaTaun out on top, despite all the odds stacked against her. After planning her own wedding (and then hating it), JaTaun felt called to help anyone else from feeling the overwhelm she did, cue event planning. When asked for advice and guidance from those around her she was able to take her leadership abilities and make a business opportunity out of it, cue mentoring. With so much to say and so many inspiring stories, JaTaun felt the desire to help others see their potential, cue motivational speaking. This episode will leave you motivated and open your eyes to opportunities where you’ve never seen them before!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An icebreaker question for JaTaun!
  • JaTaun’s experience of living in Las Vegas.
  • Why JaTaun left nursing.
  • The most important part of following your dreams: desire!
  • Why you need to hire an event planner.
  • The importance of trust.
  • How JaTaun ended up in mentorship.
  • Why JaTaun started motivational speaking.
  • How JaTaun’s personal experiences and hardships shaped her life.
  • JaTaun’s powerful relationship with God.
  • The clients and different services JaTaun provides.
  • The power of a positive attitude.
  • Why JaTaun hates the word ‘no’.


“If I can do it, you can do it, anyone can do it. As long as you have the desire the rest will be added.” — JaTaun Noelle [0:06:43]

“When you don’t have the personal experience with what you’re mentoring, there will be a disconnect.” — JaTaun Noelle [0:16:55]

“I don’t believe that there is any situation where you cannot come out on top. Anything you set your mind on doing you can get done, you just need the processes to get there.” — JaTaun Noelle [0:18:43]

“It is the littlest things that get us closer to our goals.” — JaTaun Noelle [0:30:39]

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