Loom: The Best Tool for All Things Video

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One of the hardest kinds of content to create is quality video content. Whether you’re shooting videos for internal training, doing a product demo, creating a presentation for a potential customer, or creating a tutorial as part of your inbound strategy, creating simple and effective videos can be a serious chore. It used to be that you had to either bring in media pros who knew how to set up audio, video, were knowledgeable about editing, etc., but not anymore. Today there are a number of great tools available to create quality video content, and one of those tools is Loom.

Loom is a Chrome browser extension that allows you to create screen capture videos, as well as simultaneously allowing you to record with your front facing camera. The people at Loom have made what was once a daunting process super easy! Not only have they made the video capture process easy, but they’ve also made the post-production and publishing process simple as well. As soon as your video is done recording, you can immediately make the cuts you want to, all while in Loom, and then go straight to publishing the video to your audience through sharing the video’s URL. Another great thing about Loom is the ability for your audience to react to your video by adding time-stamped comments and emoji reactions, and letting you respond to those comments in real time.

Loom has created an all-in-one video communication tool that is useful in so many different contexts. Here are a few uses for Loom that we think are pretty great:

  1. Internal training. Using Loom for internal training is especially useful if members of your team work from home or from a remote office. Now instead of having to verbally repeat information, or creating internal training documents, or having to meet up face to face for trainings, Loom can facilitate these same trainings with much more ease. Not only that, but using video increases understanding in your team members as they can pick up on vocal inflection and helps to bridge stronger team connections from the ability to interact with the training content. What used to take tons of time and effort (especially from support teams) can now be accomplished in a fraction of the time while building up a video training resource. Plus, it’s a lot more fun than reading from a training manual. 
  1. Sales and client communication. One of the greatest qualities of video is its ability to captivate a person’s attention. Now, add in some personalized content tailored to the needs of your clients and you’ve got a solid recipe for closing deals. For example, while you could direct people to a standard product demo used for everybody, why not instead create product demos that are specifically made with specific clients in mind, addressing how your product specifically provides solutions to their current (or future) needs? Or, if your business is primarily online and you rarely actually get to see your clients face to face, why not instead use Loom to create videos to communicate with your client to build a stronger relationship? Oh, and here’s a neat tidbit, Loom can be integrated into Gmail by simply dragging and dropping videos into email threads.
  2. Presentations. Loom is great for this use too. Because Loom has the front facing camera bubble, your online presentations can incorporate a personal touch as you’re an actual person on the screen. This can make for a very effective presentation tool especially when coupled with your online presentation application of choice (hello Prezi or Google Slides).
  3. Customer Success and Onboarding. Find yourself giving the same information over and over again while onboarding new customers? Save yourself time by creating a library of customer resource videos that address the most common questions you receive from new clients. While resource videos might not totally give customers that one on one attention, videos do hold their attention and are an effective way of onboarding customers. 

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