Why Editorial Calendars Are Important

The digital age is booming, with 70% of marketers investing in content marketing. Not only are marketers expected to create content daily, on average, they also need to create audience segments for at least three different platforms. In today’s podcast, founder and CEO of Beefy Marketing, Andrew Brockenbush, talks to John about the benefits of an editorial calendar in building a marketing strategy. Andrew expertly explains how an editorial calendar is more than just a calendar — it’s a roadmap, and everyone from NGOs to small businesses can benefit from using one. We budget our finances, so why not budget our time? Day-to-day marketing content creation can be immensely time-consuming, and important dates and events can sneak up on you. Learn how Andrew uses an editorial calendar to ensure these opportunities are seized, and how you can apply these tips to your own operation. This episode breaks down how editorial calendars can be used to benefit content marketing, attain annual company goals, and even improve marketing strategy going forward!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • What business subscriptions you can’t live without.
  • Why you need an editorial calendar.
  • How to come up with social media content every single day.
  • How being busy day-to-day can negatively affect your long-term plans.
  • Why you need to plan for holidays your company associates with.
  • Discover how to set sales goals using an editorial calendar.
  • How your editorial calendar can help you come up with a business strategy.
  • Why unplanned social media posts are not good enough to get your brand noticed.
  • Who needs an editorial calendar: the three groups of customers.
  • Why your content strategy should include the reasons potential customers need your solution.
  • Tips to engage each of the three groups of customers.
  • How an editorial calendar can help you with Search Engine Optimization.
  • What types of impromptu posting you will benefit from.
  • How an editorial calendar can guide your content marketing strategy.
  • Why planning allows you to be more flexible.
  • How to make your editorial calendar specific to you.


“If you don’t budget your time, you’re going to find yourself out of time.” — John [0:04:36]

“If you’re willing to invest in content marketing, how are you creating a strategy and game plan for that? Because it’s a poor investment if you don’t have a plan.” — @abrockenbush [0:05:32]

“[An editorial calendar] lays out the roadmap for what your year is going to look like.” — @abrockenbush [0:08:49]

“Your editorial calendar is going to help you make business decisions” — @abrockenbush [0:10:11]

“If you’re doing the bare minimum, don’t expect great results — @abrockenbush [0:21:00]

“You can be flexible and still plan” — John [0:22:00] 

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