Unlocking Business Success: The Power of Mindset

We are thrilled this episode to have Andrea Freeman, the host of the Up Leveled Entrepreneur podcast and owner of Andrea Freeman Consulting. Andrea is a mindful business coach and performance planner who believes that transforming your life is key to transforming your business. We dive into Andrea’s fascinating journey from being a public school teacher and chef to becoming a successful business coach and real estate investor. She shares her insights on the importance of mindset in business, discussing how aligning your mindset with your goals can lead to greater joy and success. Tune in to hear Andrea’s inspiring story and her tips on leveraging mindset for business growth.

Key Points:

[0:22] – Introducing Andrea Freeman, host of the Up Leveled Entrepreneur podcast.

[1:00] – Andrea’s journey: From public school teacher to chef, event planner, and mindful business coach.

[2:23] – The importance of joy and self-expression in business.

[2:58] – Why mindset matters more than strategy and tactics in business.

[5:05] – Andrea’s early start in entrepreneurship with a babysitting company at age 12.

[7:23] – The transition from private chef to event planning.

[9:01] – Owning your true self and thriving in life.

[9:20] – How to support Andrea: Her podcast, social media, and new book.

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