Transform Your Business Mindset in 20 Min a Day

In this episode of Business Growth Hacks, the hosts share their thoughts on the importance of reading for personal and professional development. They discuss their experiences with a business growth challenge that includes a bonus habit of reading for 20 minutes daily. They also emphasize the impact of reading on mental stimulation, stress reduction, knowledge acquisition, vocabulary expansion, memory improvement, analytical thinking skills, focus, and better writing skills.

Key Points:

Importance of Reading:

The significance of reading in personal and professional growth. They share personal experiences and highlight the various benefits, including mental stimulation, stress reduction, and knowledge acquisition.

Business Growth Challenge:

John and Andrew discuss the reading challenge they are currently undertaking as part of the Business Growth Hacks Podcast. They stress the simplicity of starting with just 20 minutes a day to encourage listeners to incorporate reading into their daily routines.

Multi-Sensory Learning:

 The idea of multi-sensory learning by combining reading with listening and even writing. They discuss how this approach can enhance comprehension and retention of information.

Benefits Beyond Business:

The conversation expands to how reading can improve not only business-related skills but also contribute to better writing abilities. The hosts connect reading habits with the creation of quality content, essential for business growth.

Quotable Moments:

“I’ve found that it’s challenged my way of thinking—things that would have offended me. Now that I’m reading it, there’s a lot of perspective.”

Start small, 20 minutes. There’s not much time in a day, but I think once you get into it and you’re finding the value in it and you enjoy it, you won’t mind spending more time reading.”

“Reading is going to start to give you more insight to be able to create easier. Better writing skills.”

“I’m excited to learn. I’m eager to learn because I know it’s going to help me grow my business.”