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Hey everybody and welcome back to the Business Growth Hacks podcast! People, the holidays are upon us and if you are anything like us, you are taking some time to reflect, while possibly hatching a few plans about how you might grow your business in the year to come! Software plays a huge role in the growth and overall success of a business, so we thought we would have some fun today and do a little roundup of the best apps we use here at Beefy! John and Andrew weigh in on almost every application you might need in your business, giving you some great ideas on the best software for creativity, administration, workflows, HR, and more. You’ll hear your hosts sing the praises of Adobe Creative Suite for anything art-related, Dropbox for storage and file sharing, Gusto for payments, and Process Street for, well, processes! John and Andrew also get into the benefits of Slack for communication, FTP-related tasks with Transmit (attention nerds), database management with Airtable, marketing with ClickFunnels, user metrics with HotJar, and Facebook marketing with AdEspresso. As you can see, our conversation is as jam-packed with goodies as your Christmas stocking, so be sure to join us and get in on the action!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • What our hosts are planning to eat over Christmas and how they first bonded over pie.
  • How much time the average employee is productive per day.
  • Perspectives on the value of Adobe Creative Cloud and which apps from it our hosts like most.
  • Different solutions for video editing such as Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Rush. 
  • All the applications for Canva and how it can be used in place of Photoshop.
  • The functionality of communication-based apps like Slack.
  • How useful all the different apps within the G Suite umbrella are.
  • The different ways we use Google Drive and Dropbox at Beefy.
  • Media collaboration and project workflow built for designers with Cage App.
  • Why Transmit is a standout application in the FTP space.
  • Putting all of your email accounts in one place with Spark.
  • All of the payroll functionality provided by Gusto.
  • The value that Bench provides to the Beefy team in terms of bookkeeping.
  • Documenting and keeping track of workflows and processes with Process Street.
  • Easy marketing automation and social media scheduling with Agorapulse.
  • Intuitive GUI-based database management with Airtable.
  • Facebook ad automation and reporting with AdEspresso.
  • ClickFunnels: the software to help you build landing pages for a specific offer.
  • The phone screen recording capabilities of DU Recorder.
  • Figuring out how users behave on your website with Hotjar.


“With Gusto, I can trust that you guys are getting paid when you are supposed to and that is really important when it comes to building trust and culture in a company.” — @abrockenbush [0:34:21]

“Process Street is the easiest way to understand your processes as a company and then collaborate on those processes.” — @abrockenbush [0:43:48]

“With AdEspresso you can set a budget, like 50 bucks a month, and say, ‘Automatically boost my posts every day,’ and when it spends the 50 bucks, ‘Stop it and then restart it next month.’” — @abrockenbush [0:46:56]

“Hotjar will give you the deep data that you need to say, ‘Well shit, we are wasting time on pages that don’t matter. Let’s spend more energy on this page that every single person that visits our site clicks through.’” — @abrockenbush [0:56:17]

“I think our hack for the day is get you some software!” — John Fritzsching [0:56:17]

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