Social Media Success with Nicole Porter

The guest on the podcast is the owner of Monomoy Social Media, Nicole Porter. Monomoy is a social media marketing agency that helps people create consistency and visibility on social platforms. They have 10 years of experience in the industry, having started their own chocolate business and learning about social media for their own business. The guest took courses and practiced on friends’ businesses before opening the agency in 2017. They discuss how social media has evolved over the years, with the average engagement rate on Facebook being less than 1%. The guest promotes their “Social Circle” program, which provides people with content, captions, and graphics every month and includes group coaching and a Facebook group. 

Key Points From This Episode: 

  • •Helped people create consistency and visibility on social platforms
  • •Owned small chocolate business for 10 years
  • •Had to figure out social media for own business
  • •Learning email marketing and all aspects of being an entrepreneur
  • •Started chocolate business in high school
  • •Family of high school sweetheart owned chocolate store
  • •Worked in different industries after college but always had entrepreneurial spirit
  • •Opened first chocolate shop, relied on Facebook and Instagram for marketing
  • •Moved chocolate making to home kitchen, heavily relied on internet marketing
  • •Paid for teaching mortgage broker how to use Facebook
  • •Decided to make switch to social media marketing, took courses, practiced on friends’ businesses
  • •Had to evolve social media strategy as engagement rate changed over 10 years
  • •Average engagement rate on Facebook is less than 1%
  • •Platforms first started as social and then evolved for business use.
  • •Podcasters joke about getting to interview people that bring value to them as well.
  • •They own an agency for 10 years and are open to improving and changing tactics.
  • •A guest recently challenged their thinking on paid ads vs organic traffic.
  • •They like to learn from guests who bring a lot of value as entrepreneurs and agency owners.
  • •Introducing the “Social Circle” program, which is a newer program
  • •The program provides people with content, captions, and graphics every month, and includes group coaching and a Facebook group.
  • •The program is industry wide, but more service-based and better for small businesses and nonprofits.
  • •The guest also offers full-service social media management and a brand refresh group.
  • •The brand refresh group will be giving away a free logo, website, and social media plan with content to an organization in need in February.

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