Mastering the Art of Sales with Harry Spaight

In this episode, Harry Spaight, an expert keynote speaker, author, and podcast host, discusses the power of servant selling and its impact on driving sales and creating positive long-term results. He shares his personal journey and mindset shift towards a more consultative approach to sales, focusing on building trust, providing value, and creating lasting relationships with clients. Harry emphasizes the importance of understanding customer needs and challenges, delivering valuable insights, and gaining credibility as a sales professional. The conversation also touches on the value of authentic podcasting as a means to build relationships with guests and prospects.

Key Points:

  • Impulse Buys: Harry and the host share their funniest and coolest impulse buy experiences, leading to a light-hearted conversation.
  • Introduction: The host formally introduces Harry, highlighting his expertise in servant selling, his book “Selling with Dignity,” and his successful podcast “Sales Made Easy.”
  • Mindset Shift: Harry discusses his transition from traditional sales approaches to servant selling, emphasizing the importance of building relationships and providing value to customers.
  • Strategies for Servant Selling: The conversation delves into strategies for sales professionals to adopt a more consultative approach, including active listening, personalized communication, and being a trusted resource for clients.
  • Authentic Podcasting: The benefits of authentic podcasting as a means to build deep relationships and learn from guests are discussed.

Quotable Moments:

“You think you’re going to be successful selling like that? You have no idea and you don’t belong in this industry.” – [ 00:17:28]


Schedule a call to go over proposals with potential clients, answering their questions, overcoming objections, and continuing relationship-building efforts. This approach fosters better communication and trust, increasing the likelihood of closing deals.

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