How to Start a Brand Advocacy Program

In this episode of Business Growth Hacks we are talking about brand advocacy and how to get started with a program for your small business. Listen in as we discuss ways to leverage friends and family and offering incentives for them bringing you business. It takes a village so tune in and find out how you can start your very own incentive program to put more boots on the ground for your brand.

Key Points:

Invest in Brand Advocates:

  • When you recognize the individuals that are going to be advocates, whether their employees, they’re your industry partners, friends or family, invest in those people.
  • Offer valuable incentive. Make the reward match their effort.

Don’t Forget to Say Thank You:

  • Send Thanks You Cards
  • Make a post on social and tag them in it or share one of their posts in reciprocity.
  • Use a service like to offer rewards points systems

Grow with Brand Advocacy

  • If you’re thinking about what am I going to do to generate more leads, more business, win new customers, create better relationships, grow my brand, and take it up a notch consider brand advocacy.
  • makes it really easy for you to craft social media messages and send to employees and brand advocates.