How to Manage Online Reputations Through Reviews

In this episode we discuss the impact of online reviews on businesses. The episodes starts by sharing a personal experience with a restaurant that initially received a negative review, resulting in a low Yelp rating. This story sets up the importance of managing online perceptions and how consistent bad reviews can harm a business. You’ll learn why, consumer based businesses need to invest time and effort in improving their online reviews and highlight the challenges and strategies involved.

Key Points:

Perception is Reality:

  • The hosts stress the significance of online reviews, emphasizing that customer perceptions, as reflected in reviews, can greatly influence business success or failure.

Strategies for Better Reviews:

  • The discussion delves into the common awareness businesses have about the importance of good reviews but often lack a structured approach to obtaining them.
  • They suggest incentivizing positive reviews and using marketing automation to encourage customers to share their experiences.

Digital Integration:

– The hosts explore the integration of traditional and digital approaches, using examples like QR codes on postcards for easy online reviews. They draw parallels between the shift to digital menus using QR codes and the importance of keeping websites up-to-date.

Quotable Moments:

“Consistent bad reviews… businesses don’t invest in getting better reviews because it takes time and effort.”

“It’s important in marketing, you’re training people how to act… whether it’s using QR codes or visiting a website for updated information.”

“You’re giving Google power to say, ‘This is a legitimate company,’ with citation building similar to building links for SEO.”