How to Avoid Wasting 80% of Your Marketing Budget

Welcome back to another episode of the Business Growth Hacks podcast! In today’s episode, we art talking about the art of effective marketing with our special guest, Orsolya Herbein, partner at Brand3. Orsolya shares her expertise on how businesses can avoid wasting up to 80% of their marketing budget by having a clear message and image. She provides actionable strategies for business owners to rethink their marketing approach, focusing on the importance of defining your ideal customer and understanding what they value. If you’re looking to stop wasting time and money and accelerate your business growth, this episode is packed with valuable insights and practical tips.


– [0:21] – Introduction of our guest, Orsolya Herbein, and the importance of a clear marketing message.

– [1:29] – The first step for business owners: defining your ideal customer and what they value.

– [2:42] – Common mistakes businesses make in their marketing approach, using the example of a landscaping company.

– [5:03] – The significance of clarity in branding and how to engage your audience effectively.

– [6:10] – Real-life branding examples and the impact of understanding customer values.

– [7:17] – How to communicate your brand’s promise without diluting your message.

– [9:22] – Where to find Orsolya online and how to get in touch for further insights.


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