How to Grow Your Business Through Podcasting

In this episode your hosts share their excitement about podcasting as a creative and business-driven endeavor. They emphasize the importance of breaking away from the routine and finding joy in podcasting. The discussion explores the value of podcasts in building trust with customers, showcasing the personality of a brand, and offering an affordable and accessible platform for businesses to share their stories.

Key Points:

The Joy of Podcasting (00:00:2400:00:59):

   – Podcasting is described as a creative muscle that brings excitement and joy to the hosts.

   – The hosts express how podcasting not only provides a break from routine but also serves as a valuable resource for business growth.

Starting a Podcast (00:00:5900:02:26):

   – The hosts encourage listeners to start a podcast, emphasizing that everyone has their own niche and circle of influence.

   – They discuss the importance of taking the first step, highlighting that without starting, there can be no progress.

Building Trust and Personality (00:02:2600:03:37):

   – Podcasting is considered a powerful tool for building trust with customers, similar to other content forms like blogs and case studies.

   – The hosts share personal experiences, highlighting how podcasts showcase the personality of a brand, making it more relatable to the audience.

Affordability and Accessibility of Podcasting (00:03:3700:06:17):

   – Podcasting is deemed affordable, with the hosts discussing various levels of production from simple phone recordings to professional setups.

   – The hosts stress that the ease and affordability of creating podcasts allow businesses to produce more content in less time compared to other forms like blogs.

Quotable Moments:

“If you never start, you never will. If we didn’t at some point just sit down and start doing this, then we would have never had it.”

“This podcast for us has been a nice break from that. It has been, even though it doesn’t. Yeah, it would have never started. It would have never been anything.”

“A podcast is a good way for you to show the personality of your company, of your brand, the personality of it, rather than just shoving a product ad after product ad down your client’s faces.”