Effective Email Hacks: Unsubscribe the Unengaged

In this episode of the Business Growth Hacks Podcast, Andrew and John discuss a unique approach taken by The New York Times to address disengaged subscribers. The focus of this chat is cleaning up email lists, optimizing metrics, and tailoring content to target audiences. Learn the importance of understanding subscriber behavior and maintaining a targeted approach to stay relevant in email marketing.

Key Points:

Email List Clean-Up:

The hosts share their experience with The New York Times unsubscribing inactive readers and discuss the impact of low open rates on email metrics.

Creating Urgency and Engagement:

The importance of engaging subscribers who genuinely want to receive content using the Netflix analogy of asking, “Are you still watching?” to maintain relevance.

Tailoring Content and Frequency:

Suggest the importance of tailoring content based on subscriber preferences and to consolidate emails and consider a balanced frequency to avoid overwhelming subscribers.

The Power of Saying No:

Encourage businesses to consider the impact of saying no, especially in terms of email frequency and content.

Quotable Moments:

“It’s all about tailoring our approach.” – Andrew @ 04:33

“Consider what happens if you say no. Does it put you ahead or put you behind?” – John @ 05:36