Developing Your Marketing Strategy When Business is Seasonally Slow

In this episode of the Business Growth Hacks, your hosts explore various aspects of marketing budgets, seasonal considerations, and the importance of staying ahead of trends. The hosts emphasize the need for businesses to adapt and innovate, drawing from personal experiences and lessons learned.

Key Points:

Marketing Budgets and Seasonality:

   – The importance of considering non-traditional marketing expenses within the overall budget.

   – The significance of evaluating seasonal trends and understanding the historical performance of the business during specific times of the year.

Competitor Analysis and Pricing Strategy:

   – The  necessity of understanding and analyzing competitors to stay ahead in the market.

   – Personal experience about underpricing services, losing a potential project due to perceived lack of proficiency.

   – Setting a competitive pricing strategy and recognizing the value of your offerings.

Adaptation to Trends and Platforms:

   – The importance of staying informed about industry trends and getting ahead of them.

   – A discussion ensues about the necessity of embracing new platforms like TikTok and adapting marketing strategies accordingly.

   – They caution against dismissing a platform without proper evaluation and encourage businesses to find ways to stay true to their brand while exploring new avenues.

Quotable Moments:

“You’ve got to look at your competition. Yeah, got to see. So especially those businesses that are fresh and new. Would a Bentley be a Bentley if it didn’t have that price tag?”– Andrew