Crafting Brands and Pivoting Efforts with Eric Holtzclaw

In this episode our host Andrew Brockenbush talks with Eric Holtzclaw, the Chief Strategist & Dojo Master at Liger. Eric is Liger’s resident expert in guiding businesses to find their identities and core values, craft their visions, and establish their brands. He is a serial entrepreneur and host of The Claw podcast where he interviews business owners and entrepreneurs. Eric has contributed to magazines and online publications, and wrote the book, “Laddering: Unlocking the Potential of Consumer Behavior.” Don’t miss this fun chat that is loaded with the wisdom gained from interviewing 1000 entrepreneurs.


  • Eric Holtzclaw is the chief strategist and Dojo master at Liger.
  • My entrepreneur journey has been really fun
  • Eric’s grandfather was the serial entrepreneur. He owned a bunch of things.
  • When desktop publishing was coming out, Eric put together a business plan for the school about how and why to buy a desktop publishing system.
  • Eric met his first CEO when he was recruited by a startup with ex IBM coworkers.
  • Eric says others say his entrepreneurial spirit makes him unemployable.
  • Andrew gains business acumen from his sales trainer experience at Apple
  • Being your own boss means having every client as a boss.
  • The future of marketing is going to be just like a law firm moving forward. You have different areas of expertise, and you need to tap into different ones depending upon your goals. 
  • You have to support different learning styles or people who read, people who listen, and visual people.
  • The Top Four Reasons Why You Should Never Start a Business.
  • Biggest content creation mistakes are not using the full potential of your content.
  • Squeeze created content like a lemon, get as much juice out of it as you can.


“As long as you’re aware of how you’re spending and you’re mindful of the strategy and the approach, and you’ve got kind of all of the facts in front of you before you get started, it should be fruiticious in the long term. Like it should help you grow your business the way you want but you’ve gotta put those goals down.” – Andrew 23:32

“we always are looking for the shiny new thing. And you don’t have to create a, you, you should, you gotta create content, but like reuse it.” – Eric 46:23



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