Balancing Business Growth with Personal Fulfillment

In this episode of the Business Growth Hacks Podcast, we introduce Whitney Hahn, CEO of, as an expert guiding entrepreneurs through transformative frameworks for business growth. Whitney shares insights into identifying and prioritizing personal and business drivers, emphasizing the importance of aligning business goals with personal fulfillment.

Key Points:

Identifying Economic Drivers:

 Whitney emphasizes the significance of understanding and managing economic drivers in business, highlighting the need for sustainable practices to avoid business stagnation.

ME-conomic Drivers Framework:

She introduces a framework focused on experiences, knowledge, and contributions, helping individuals prioritize personal fulfillment alongside business success.

Action Plans for Alignment:

Whitney discusses the importance of translating personal drivers into actionable plans within the business context, promoting strategies for delegation, process optimization, and work-life balance.

Goal Alignment for Success:

By aligning personal goals with business strategies, individuals can achieve greater fulfillment and success, driving long-term growth and sustainability.

Resource Availability:

Whitney offers a resourceful worksheet and guided video exercise available at, providing listeners with practical tools for implementing the ME-conomic Drivers Framework.

Quotable Moments:

“We have a really expensive hobby…when we lose sight of our ‘meconomic’ drivers, we can often lose sight of the reason that we’re getting up in the morning.”

“Action plans are always where it happens…simply having an idea of what you want sitting around your office doesn’t get it done.”

“She’s telling you a great way that you can figure out maybe some of the pain points in your business or pain points in your life and combine those together to have the successful business that you want.”

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