5 Point Checklist for Project Success

5 Point Checklist for Project Success

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Projects evolve over time from ideas in heads to proposals on paper. Making sure that everyone in the team is on the same page sounds easy, but sometimes parts of a project progress before everyone can realize it, and parts (and people) get left in the dust. Communication is integral to any project, so if you’re realizing that now, not to worry: Beefy saves the day with our 5 Point Checklist for Project Success! It’s only five points, we’re sure you have time to look them over.

1. Vision

Before you can get anywhere in a project, you need a clear idea of what you’re working towards. Without everyone involved on what the project is, nobody really knows what’s going on, and the work they put in might not be as refined if they don’t have a good clue of what’s going on. Make sure you get everyone on board before starting any sort of large project that’ll require a lot of teamwork.

2. Budget

Running out of funds midway through a passion project is always a killjoy. Set aside some cash for the project itself after running through how much you’ll need, with a little cushion to prepare for unforeseen changes. Make sure everyone on the team agrees on the budget, too; with everyone on the same page on how much the project will cost, there’ll be no one left behind when it comes to preparation.

3. Timeline & scope

You may not need a day-to-day schedule for your plan, but timelines and milestones are integral to a project’s success. Make sure everyone’s in the loop on what’s due when and the deadlines for certain aspects of the project, or you won’t hit the milestones in time. If the scope of the work changes or someone needs an extension, review the timeline and accommodate; a quick change may be needed, but remember to alert everyone involved!

4. Roles and responsibilities

Like splitting up a pie into different slices, each member of your team needs their own roles and responsibilities handed to them on a plate. In order to achieve the most clarity in a job, make sure that everyone knows exactly what they’re doing; this may sound like common sense to some of you, but it’s still important to know! Make sure you don’t give people the wrong slice of pie and don’t take too many slices for yourself if you know what I mean…

5. Scheduled check-in

Communication is key! Scheduled meetings to check in with everyone involved in the project helps your team stay motivated and keep on top of their work. These meetings give your team the chance to tell you about potential conflicts and concerns they have about the project, as well as update you on their progress as it comes along. With everyone on the same page, your project will be as good as done in no time.

With five important points to remember, you can ensure a project’s success without worrying about team members left behind. It takes a village to create something great– and by utilizing this checklist and your teams talents, you’re sure to succeed.

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