5 Commonly Used Logo Shapes to Communicate Brand Messages

Shapes Used in Logos

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Logo shapes are essential to your company’s identity and can influence how someone perceives your business. From circles to squares, many commonly used logo shapes are available. Each shape conveys a unique meaning, so choosing the suitable form for your organization is essential.

Read on as we explore the five common logo shapes and how they can help bring your brand messages to life.

1. Circle

The circular shape implies a connection between ideas, shared interests, and the bond of the people who use the product or service offered by the company. The perfect circle shape enables it to stand out from the crowd and attract attention, making it one of the most popular shapes in designing logos today.

Using a simple circle in corporate identity helps to create a modern feel and limitless design possibilities. It makes an abstract concept feel more tangible and gives brands an emotional touch that translates into customers’ hearts and minds.

2. Square

A square logo is known for its stability, providing a solid foundation for companies to construct their brand messages. Its symmetric corners display a sense of balance and composure which can help to communicate a message of reliability and trustworthiness.

The square’s ability to take up minimal space makes it possible for brands to incorporate multiple logos into one design. Many companies have embraced this versatility by creating clever juxtapositions of their iconic emblems to show their willingness to collaborate their messages with the competition.

3. Triangle

The triangle is commonly regarded as a symbol of strength and equilibrium due to its uniform lines and angles. The fact that it has three distinct sides also implies the unity of three individual components coming together to form a whole. As such, brands may use triangular shapes to emphasize the idea of collaboration and teamwork.

4. Rectangle

The rectangle is particularly popular for logos because it distinguishes text and images. For example, if a logo contains both text and an icon, the rectangle typically frames the text to make it more visible. It also makes it easier for viewers to distinguish between various logo elements, such as the company name and tagline.

Additionally, the rectangle shape is versatile and can convey different messages depending on the accompanying elements. For instance, a bold and modern font with a rounded rectangle can portray energy and creativity. In contrast, a traditional font inside a sharp-edged rectangle conveys a sense of stability and reliability.

5. Oval

The shape of an oval conveys a sense of orderliness and harmony that is attractive to customers and resonates with their values. Moreover, the rounded edges of an oval logo suggest a sense of warmth and approachability that is reassuring for customers.

By using an oval-shaped logo, businesses can show that they are dependable, professional, and reliable while communicating their values of innovation and quality through the design of the logo itself. It can attract customers looking for a company that shares their values.


Using logo shapes is essential to consider when creating a successful brand. A logo is a visual representation of a company and its values, so it’s vital to have an in-depth knowledge of the most commonly used logo shapes to communicate brand messages effectively.

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